10 Things in Your House Worth Monogramming

Wall monogram from Three Hip Chicks The urge to stamp our name upon our homes has been around a very long time. It was not invented in the "me decade".  In fact, I recently attended an antiques show in Boston and one of the booths featured an oak "Press Cupboard" dating to 1680 and carved into the front panel was the "marriage triad" (the first initials of both the groom and bride and their last initial) for a newly married couple.


Today, that "marriage triad" is still highly in vogue. Not part of a marriage? Single initials of first or last names are also always a popular choice. Monogrammed home products don't characterize you as self-absorbed; they characterize you as stylish. Here is a list of ten lovely items for the home that can be monogrammed. Go on. Get personalized.


10. Monogrammed toilet paper: Ballard Designs offers the perfect gift for the house that has everything else: Monogrammed toilet paper. Personalized bath tissue will certainly make a statement and cause a giggle or two!


9. Monogrammed tote bags: Monogrammed tote bags, like the classic LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag, have long been a favorite of city dwellers and country folk alike. These large size bags are a great way to sort laundry, toys or even books. You could have a bag monogrammed for each family member for cute and easy organization.


8. Monogram wall decal: As long as you're putting your name on things, why not an entire wall? Three Hip Chicks offers a wide array of wall decals in many different colors and monogram styles. And nothing is easier to put up than a quick wall decal. 


7. Monogrammed towels: Naturally, the classic monogrammed item, that stalwart of wedding gifts is the elegant monogrammed bath towel. As an intimate space, the bathroom is the perfect spot to bring together a newly married couple. But singles can indulge as well – I've certainly had towels done for single clients as well. 


6. Monogrammed mugs: Monogrammed mugs make for great housewarming or holiday gifts and classic Emma mugs from Pottery Barn are a good choice. As these can be ordered one at a time ― select the first initial for each person in the home for a truly personalized gift.


5. Monogrammed door mat: Starting right at the front door, monogrammed coir (a natural fiber) doormats from Pottery Barn are a custom order item that will welcome callers in a very traditional manner.


4. Monogrammed ice bucket: The gorgeous Bleaker Bar Ice Bucket from Williams-Sonoma is elegant enough to make a great wedding gift, but priced reasonably enough to make it a guilt-free purchase for your own home. This beautiful glass and metal bucket can hold a bottle of wine, champagne or keep your favorite vodka chilled to perfection.


3. Monogrammed shower curtain: If monogrammed bath towels are little bit out of your budget, how about your initial on the shower curtain instead? In a neutral color like ivory, it's perfect for men or women and can add an upscale touch to even an ugly apartment bathroom.


2. Monogrammed lamp shades: Monogrammed lampshades are always a favorite. Whether sewed or stenciled, a single letter in an elegant script will perk up even the most everyday kind of lamp. This works well on chandelier shades as well.


1. Monogrammed dining chairs: Make an old-world statement in any dining room. Customized slipcovers can be purchased for standard size chairs, or custom monogramming can be applied to fabrics before being upholstered onto the furniture. This option offers a completely customizable solution where you have total choice over colors, fonts and placement.


A final note: At this time of year, customized gifts with monogramming should be given long lead times and many vendors require 3-4 weeks to process and monogram order. So, plan ahead!


Linda Merrill is a Networx - https://www.networx.com - writer. Get home & garden ideas like this - https://www.networx.com/article/10-things-in-your-house-worth-monogrammi - on Networx.com.

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