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Antac Pest Control is a full-service exterminating contractor that has been serving San Diego and the surrounding areas since 2003. We know that no matter how beautiful your property may appear, it’s hard to enjoy any property while you have unwanted pests running around. Therefore, we employ exte...


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“Mann Vs. Pest handle the pest control for most of our properties. They are pretty efficient. What I like best is tha...”

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San Diego's Superior Pest Control Company MANN vs PEST is a San Diego-based pest control company that provides cost-effective extermination services throughout the county. Fully insured and eco-friendly, MVP offers a wide range of services including eradication of insects, rodents, infestations, sw...

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Among the annoying insects the summer brings is the red fire ant. Harmless to many, the ants still have quite an irritating bite. With more than two million Americans allergic to insect stinging and bites, over 500,000 Americans will visit the emergency room this year because of insect bites. New to the region, San Diego exterminators say the red ant is invading residential and commercial neighborhoods. Experts recommend staying away from their nests and avoiding swarms of them. According to pest control services in the San Diego, California area, a single ant can sting numerous times causing an itching and burning sensation. While the pain should subside shortly, if it persists, antihistamines, pain relievers and cold compresses can be of help.