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“Replaced broken springs on garage door. I have had work done on my very heavy garage door several times in the past ...”

1701 Kingston Avenue 3, Norfolk, VA 23503 License: 2705127541
Mace Garage Doors specialize in one thing "garage doors"! With your satisfaction guaranteed you can trust we will do your repair right the first time. We are fully licensed and insured providing no-nonsense, high quality work. We have over 8 years of experience serving our customers. Call today for ...

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7419 Sewells Point Road Unit F, Norfolk, VA 23513

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While Hurricane Irene may have been short-lived, it continued to pose a serious threat to many homeowners long after the storm passed. For one man, it almost cost him his life. When a Norfolk man’s home still didn’t have power a week after Irene had passed, he decided to continue using a generator. Little did he know, his generator was pumping carbon monoxide into his home as he slept. Luckily he awoke from a splitting headache and realized he needed fresh air. But the garage doors in his Norfolk, Virginia home were electric, so somehow, despite feeling faint, he managed to pull open the doors with his own strength. Garage door services in Norfolk say you should keep any room with a generator well-ventilated, and exercise caution when operation one overnight.