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“Repair broken springs on garage door. Kenny was awesome! He called me within 5 minutes of my submitting my request....”

Serving Pasadena, TX
Doors That Work!! Ten years of experience in the installation, repair and servicing of all types of doors across the Houston metro area. The service we provide extends to overhead and fire security doors as well. We service residential, commercial and industrial customers. We also install and servic...
When walking through the garage doors of one Pasadena, Texas home, instead of automobiles you’ll find a stage, lighting and rows of seats. That’s because this family converted their garage into a theater with a 29- by 14-foot stage. With theater fans as parents, it was only natural for these carpenter-trained children to build a theater of their own. With the help of Pasadena garage door services, the family was able to transform a two-car garage into a 55-seat theater which puts on two plays a year. In addition, as of late, the actors are no longer just family members and auditions are open to the public.