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“Concrete slab Contractor called and gave me a quote. Had to be a range based on the project. Happy with his response...”

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This company is about helping all customers.Giving them the best workmanship that can be provided.There is not one customer that is more important than the others.All jobs are important to me,no matter how big or small it is.I know that i willing to go the extra mile for every customer.I am here to...

Decorative Concrete Surfacing LLC

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We have been in the concrete business since 2000 and have continued to grow since day one. We have not only expanded on the different types of concrete overlays we do, but have also been innovators in the field. Our continued education and forever growing portfolio is proof of that. I, Al McFadyen,...

Taylor Landscape & Construction

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Taylor Landscaping & Construction Services has been serving the public for over 15 years now. We are a hardscape contractor specializing in stamped and decorated concrete and acid staining. Our staff of trained professionals is on call both weekdays and weekends. We are here to please you! We beli...

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Milwaukee winters can be brutal. Not only does the snow and ice pose a danger to drivers, but frozen sidewalks can be unsafe for pedestrians too if not taken care of. Contact a Milwaukee, Wisconsin concrete contractor and have him apply an ice melting compound. The most commonly used product is sodium chloride, also known as rock salt. It’s very effective but has two downsides: it doesn’t melt ice at temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s corrosive to steel, trees and shrubs. Calcium chloride is another substance that Milwaukee concrete companies can apply to ice. It can work at temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit, but also damages lawns and vegetation.