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“Ty repaired a water damage in my ceiling. He came very quickly, did immaculate work, and even matched the texture of...”

Serving Chandler, AZ License: ROC281873
TYCOR Construction, LLC is a licensed, bonded, & insured general contracting and construction services company. TYCOR currently holds a dual license (KB-2) meaning we are licensed to do residential and commercial projects. Instead of using a subcontractor, or multiple subcontractors, we self perform...

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For homeowners with wooden houses, window sills or other wooden structures, dry rot can be an annoying, unsightly problem. It’s important to have a Chandler, Arizona carpenter repair the dry rot before it gets worse and spreads. If it is allowed to grow, not only will it cause major damage to your home, but unhealthy mold can develop as well. According to Chandler carpentry contractors, dry rot is a type of fungus which digests the part of wood that gives it its strength. Because it develops in moist conditions, to solve the problem you need to eliminate the dampness in the air by installing more vents and sealing leaks.