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  • Senecal Concrete
  • Main Services: Stamped Concrete,Concrete Floors, stained concrete, acid stain, concrete floors
  • In Business Since: 1975
  • Company Overview: Senecal Concrete Designs is a full service custom & Decorative concrete firm providing quality workmanship to the greater New England area. With more than 35 years of experience, we have been a quality oriented company... offering standard, as well as custom, and decorative concrete craftsmanship for all of our clients. So what are you waiting for call now and let us bring new life to your next concrete project!

    Specialties Include:

    Concrete Flooring:
    Patios,Walkways,Pool decks, Driveways, Basements & Garages
    Colored Concrete
    Stamped and Textured Concrete
    Exposed Aggregate
    Acid Stained
    Concrete Overlays
    Spray Deck
    Custom Scoring
Reviews By Customers

Work Description: 20 x 36 free-form rolled edge stamped and colored slab to look like ledge

Comments: When we requested a quote, Gary's initial contact was very professional and very enlightening. We were immediately educated on The right way in the wrong ways to approach our project. Gary explained exactly what he was going to provide for services to insure the slabs longevity and they were far greater than any of the other contractors we had quoted. Immediately we knew we found the right company for our project. When Gary and Rob came out to quote the job, they provided pictures of there actual work, not just sample photos from a brochure. We thought we knew what we initially wanted until we identified one of there slabs, which was a custom free form rolled edge slab that looked like ledge coming out of the grown. Rob is the artist of this design and we were all excited to get this look. As we were trying to match our local granite walls, we came up with the right color combo of stains, Gary and Rob have extensive knowledge in this area and educated us enough in this selecting process so we could make the correct final decision on colors In addition to our agreed upon schedule, Gary was considerate enough to call on the morning he was going to start an provide an exact time when he would show up and what his goals were for the day. Day one Gary and His team came in and prepped the area to accept the concrete. As this slab design was free-form the layout was a little more challenging, but they completed there goal. Day two was the concrete pour. This started out a little crazy in preparations for the concrete truck, but once the pour started everything ran like clockwork. Rob worked the design and formed the slab, Gary worked the crew and everything else. Rob worked his color magic and we got to see the results on day three. Day three was removal of the excess stain, cutting in rock line and sealing the slab. These guy took there time to get the look just as we discussed and there cut lines are free form and look excellent! In summary this was a big job the came in on time and on budget. Gary does not skimp, he does his work with a caring and professionalism is refreshing. The job will be done right the first time. We could not be happier.

Senecal Concrete Replied:
Thank you for taking your time to write us a review. I am glad you love it as much as we did. We don't do the free formed rolled edges often but it looks so amazing! Glad you are happy and if you need anything in the future we are here to help! ENJOY!

Work Description: Remove 23x24 concrete garage slab, prep work, and replacement of slab.

Comments: Gary and his crew were top notch from start to finish. My wife and I were in need of replacing our garage slab in the home we bought a couple years ago because of there being various spots that had sunk prior to us purchasing the home, with one garage door that had a two inch gap on one side because of the sinking issue. The prep work for the floor took longer than expected due to the way the original home builder prepped the ground underneath the original slab (I guess burying boulders under the garage slab was as good a place as any for the homebuilder to dispose of debris from the house foundation), but Gary and his crew were great and worked late to stay on schedule. I knew nothing about concrete work going into this, and decided to seek out a neutral opinion beforehand from our home inspector on the quotes I obtained for the slab replacement work, and he advised me that Gary's quote was the best at addressing the long-term needs of the slab. Throughout this process, I have learned an awful lot about concrete - I'm one of those idiots that analyzes everything to death before spending money on something. Anyway, for those that live in a cold climate, I have learned that a frost wall is vital to a garage entrance wall. Being in NH, Gary was the only one of these quotes to insist on there being a frost wall installed if there wasn't one (which there wasn't - thank you again, Mr. Homebuilder), as well as a properly prepared and compacted sub-surface (based on my online search, most professionals considered this step to be the most important step, even over reinforced concrete), and a reinforcement bar grid that the concrete is poured into. Gary also went into great detail to explain the type of concrete to be installed, the quantity, and the make up of the concrete mix, and why all were important, and even gave us updates on the cause of the sinking (the boulders had moved over time and created air pockets under the floor). I had two other quotes for slab replacement, and to be fair, Gary was the highest price by a decent amount, but I assure you it was worth the extra money. My wife and I are planning on staying in our home for many years to come, so it was important to us that we only spend money on this issue once. Yes, the other guys would have been cheaper, but after hearing the feedback from my home inspector, my wife and I were confident that we would only need to address the garage slab once with the work that Gary and his crew quoted. There are some things where spending less is a good thing, but after seeing how meticulous and hard working Gary and his crew were (the 3'x1' frost wall needed to be dug by hand, and they leveled and troweled the poured concrete by hand for hours after the pour), we have no doubts whatsoever that we spent our money in the right place. You will not go wrong with hiring Gary, and I highly recommend him for any concrete.

Senecal Concrete Replied:
Thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure working for you and hope we can do business together in the future!

Work Description: Pool Deck

Comments: Thanks Gary for a great Job on my pool deck. I know the weather wasn't very accomodating but it came out great! I can't wait until you can come back and do the stamp work for my walk way.

Work Description: Resurfacing of my concrete floor.

Comments: Hired Senecal Concrete to add a new stained concrete floor in my basement. Really happy with the results. Nice guys and very professional.

Work Description: Stamped concrete patio around my indoor pool area. Plus we stained the flooring in my "Man Cave."

Comments: I love my Pool area and new Man Cave.Very knowledgible and amazing results. What else can I say....Awesome stuff.

Work Description: 1200 square feet of colored concrete flooring installed in our new home in Manchester,NH.

Comments: Gary, Rob, and all the guys did a fantastic job. We love our floors

Work Description: 2400 sqft colored and stamped concrete pool deck.

Comments: Thanxs guys! we now can't wait to open the pool for Spring. Gary & Rob were very professional and helpful with the design and construction of our new stamped concrete pool deck.

Senecal Concrete Replied:
Thany You for your nice comments. We truely enjoyed working with you and your wife. Look forward to coming by in the Spring for more finished photos. Enjoy.