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  • PIBI Tile, Inc.
  • License: General Building Contractor, 6821169-5501
  • Company Overview: PIBI Tile is proudly based out of Orem Utah. With over 15 years of experience, we have the expertise and work ethic to make your tile project perfect. We can help you complete your project from Design to Sealing. If you need help with anything tile related, we can help make your job smoother, quicker and less expensive! Call us today for your free estimate on any tile, marble, granite or any other remodeling project you might have. Ask for Raul.





Reviews By Customers

Work Description: Re-grout of shower and tub

Comments: All good....only negative was my calls were not returned same day, but work got done quickly and I felt the quote was reasonable...haven't received actual bill yet.

Work Description: Bathroom remodel, tile installed

Comments: Our new bathroom tile is absolutely beautiful! Rafael helped us pick out the color, style, and type of tile that we wanted to complete our bathroom. Louis made sure the job was completely finished just the way we wanted and now we cannot wait to use our new bathroom. Thanks Raul at Pibi tile for another great job on our home.

Work Description: 90 Sq. ft of Kitchen tile, supplied the grout and tile, no difficult corners or cuts, all striaght cuts.

Comments: First off, the tile was suppased to be installed at 9:30 am friday, didn't show up until Saturday. Second, they were supposed to tile up to the carpet, but the tile guy stopped about 3 inches short with a lip of the backerboard showing. Having never dealt with a professional service I though that this was normal, I later found out that it was not and that this happens when the tile installer gets lazy. When I asked the owner to have a guy come back and finish the job he complained that it would cost him $200 for that and he was unwilling to spend that kind of money to finish the job. he then sent two guys out to grout the floor and they chipped tile while cutting back the backerboard that was left by the tile guy with a screwdriver and hammer. they then proceeded to mix a little thinset, place the tile, and then grout the newly replaced tile. I am not totally oblivious to the tile art and I know that if you place a tile yuou should wait a day before grouting. They continued to grout and washed the tile with dirty water. I tried being reasonable with the owner, giving him every chance to fix the mistakes that we discovered along the way and all he did was make it sound like it was my fault that the mistakes happened. I paid him for the job, against the advice that others had given me, just so I could wash my hands of the whole ordeal. if you are thinking about having tile laid and want this company to do it, my advice is to go to Home Depot, buy $200 worth of tools, and you will be able to lay the tile yourself quicker and have it look better than this outifit. If anyone ever recommends Pibi tile for tile work, better check their sanity and call someone else for the job.

PIBI Tile, Inc. Replied:
Thank You for your feedback. The reason why we stopped 3 inches short was because in the contract that we made, you wanted the tile to stop there. I finished my part of the job, you just wanted me to do extra because the carpet guys told you. I even told you one time that i could stop by and make the cuts for you without charging you anything and you said no. On the one piece of tile that we replaced we used quick set which makes the thin-set dry fast. We use a sponge to clean the grout so every time that we put the sponge back into the water, it makes the water the color of the grout. We really appreciate our customers feedback.

Work Description: remodeled a shower from old to new and tiled floor.

Comments: very good company. Empolyee's very polite easy to work with very hard workers. They have the all the updated technology to make your home how you want it.

Work Description: replace tile in shower

Comments: friendly detailed prompt

Work Description: Laminate flooring in a basement bath and entrance way.

Comments: I went to every store out there and I found them on accident driving around and so happy I did. I was looking for something very specific in a taupe, no one had anything close. Pibi had several options, it was hard to choose and super affordable. Very friendly, helpful and fast. I am planning on replacing all the carpet in my house with this flooring and I know exactly where I will be buying from.

Work Description: We had dry rot in the shower of our master bedroom. Pibi Tile had to demolition the whole shower and bathroom floor plus retiling it. We also had a leak in the downstairs shower and they fixed that as well.

Comments: I checked their progress and they did an excellent work with water proofing the shower walls and floor. The tile work looked real good - I couldn't be more satisfied. the work was done in a timely manner and the price was reasonable. Thanks Pibi Tile for a great job!

Work Description: Kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile, grout repair,

Comments: I always call pibi tile first because they do excellent work. They are always punctual and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone for any type of flooring!! They also have the best prices!

Work Description: tile backsplash in kitchen & dining room, tile fireplace

Comments: We are extremely pleased with Pibi Tile. Raul measured and gave us good suggestions. Rafi was very helpful when placing our order and fun to work with. Roberto, the installer did an excellent job. His work is the best we have seen. We cannot say enough about what a good experience it was working with everyone at Pibi. We highly recommend them.

PIBI Tile, Inc. Replied:
We really appreciate your feedback Linda. It was great working with you and Mark. Thank you for taking some time of your day to leave us a feedback, we look forward on working with you guys on the near future.

Work Description: tile for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry

Comments: Price was fair when compared with other tile installers. Elias Romo, my tile installer did an excellent job of laying the tile level, no high corners or sides. The completed job looked very nice. The job was done on time at the quoted price. I wanted to make sure that Pibi paid his tile setters a fair wage and on time. Raul assured me that he does.

Work Description: 1400+ sq/ft of hardwood flooring installed, Installed carpert and pad throughout entire basement (4 bedroom, living room area, halls). Tiled shower remodel and two other smaller areas. Pinterest link to pics of hardwood flooring:

Comments: The quality of the work done by Pibi Tile is top notch. The hardwood flooring looks immaculate. The carpet and tile work was excellent as well. This is my first experience with having hardwood flooring installed. My brother who works in the construction industry and has much experience with hardwood flooring workmenship comment when he saw the flooring that "these guys are master craftsmen." The warehouse failed to send some transition pieces on time and they were able to fashion transitions out of regular pieces and shims. The transitions look better now than if we had used the custom transition pieces. They didn't just install it quickly and get out of there, but took the time to make it look right and look good. Moreover, they got the job done quickly. We moved from out of state and had to coordinate much of the work over the phone prior to our household goods being delivered by the movers. We were under a very tight timeline. Pibi Tile worked overnight and even during holidays to get the work done on time. I took some pics of the hardwood flooring and put it up on Pinterest. Link:

PIBI Tile, Inc. Replied:
Thank you Steve for taking some time of your busy schedule to leave us a feedback. It was great working with you. We look forward on working with you in the near future.

Work Description: Master Bath Overhaul, shower, floor, and wall retile, wall demolition, shower door and glass

Comments: Raul and Pibi Tile are consummate professionals. It started with water dripping from our master shower into the living room below. After discovering the previous owner thought he was the ultimate handyman and decided a shower pan was an optional accessory when he retiled the shower, we called Whipple handyman services to come take a look. They quoted us at over $7,500 for JUST THE SHOWER if we decided to sign up for their monthly services. We then went on Angie's List and found Pibi Tile with it's owner, Raul. Raul gave a complete and thorough estimate on how to fix all the water damage and the shower, completely re-tile the shower and floor, move the shower fixtures to another wall, make a pony wall as well as install new Euro glass and door for less than Whipple quoted for the shower tile only. Raul had us come down to his showroom in SLC and check out all the tile. Rafael, his coworker, helped us pick some matching tile as well as give us examples with other jobs they had done. He stayed after closing time to help make sure we were satisfied. When asking him how long this would take, he said 2, maybe 3 days. I didn't think this was possible until the second day when Raul's workers (who were very friendly and constantly had me checking their work to make sure I was satisfied) were almost completely done except for some minor drywall repair and some of the grouting. IMPRESSIVE!!! The work was immaculate and exactly what we were looking for. Raul reiterated on multiple occasions that his job was not done until we were completely satisified, and that he'd give us a 5 year guarantee for all the work. Raul acted as the conduit between all the subcontractors and us, guaranteeing their work. Overall, I told Raul I would not hesitate to write him a positive review and will post pictures shortly as I was completely satisfied.

Work Description: Tile installation in kitchen as well as tile backsplash

Comments: Raul from PIBI Tile came out very quickly and gave us an estimate. Then Arturo came out to our house and did the actual work. Arturo has done an incredible job! His work is perfect and he does it so quickly. Thanks!

PIBI Tile, Inc. Replied:
Thank you for your business, we appreciate everyone that has giving us the privilege to work for them. We look forward on working with you in the near future.

Work Description: Install dishwasher and kitchen sink, tile backsplash

Comments: We are very satisfied with our finished kitchen! The three gentlemen we worked were hard-working and professional. We would highly recommend Pibi Tile.

Work Description: Master Bathroom.

Comments: The master bathroom in my house wasn't done for about 6 years, I was very cautious of who I hired. I hired Pibi Tile, & I was totally content with what their workmanship! Louis was very easy to work with, & gave me good suggestions of things to do. He was very flexible with the changes I made. I'm very happy with this company.

Work Description: Ceramic backsplash in kitchen and tile floor in laundry room and bathroom.

Comments: PIBI did a nice job on our backsplash and floors. They were polite and offered a very good value for the quality and cost of work done.

Work Description: Replace about 6-8 feet of floor tile grout.

Comments: I furnished the grout. He did a good job, but charged $40 for about 1-1/2 hours work. He, the owner, is a clean-cut, friendly guy. So far, it is holding up well. He was late for the appointment.

PIBI Tile, Inc. Replied:
Thank you for your feedback. We used your feedback to help our company work on the areas that we needed to improve on. We look forward on working with you in the near future.

Work Description: Tile installation.

Comments: The service was great and the price was really good. Everything was done in two days.