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  • Mid Central Pest Control, Inc
  • License: 052-049848
  • Main Services: Pest Control
  • In Business Since: 1974
  • Company Overview: Mid Central Pest Control, Inc. has proudly been serving the greater Chicagoland area since 1974. We are a family-owned-and-operated business that has passed on our exterminating expertise through two generations of hardworking, committed individuals. We are consistently building on our 35-year foundation with the latest in products and technology. We provide comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services, including termites, rodents, roaches, ants, wasps, bees, spiders and bed bugs. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We are members of both the Illinois and Chicago Pest Control Associations and have an established reputation for delivering quality service at a quality price without requiring service contracts from our customers. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your bugs, call up Mid Central Pest Control today and ask for your free quote!
Reviews By Customers

Work Description: External spraying.

Comments: Right on time. Did just what I wanted for a very reasonable price.

Work Description: Used for new home purchase.

Comments: Great communication and very punctual.

Work Description: extermination for mice droppings

Comments: Excellent Person was courteous and knew his business and took pride in a good job

Work Description: Bee and wasp nest removal

Comments: They called me back quickly. Gave me a quote over the phone. Hugo showed up a bit early. Couldn't have been nicer. Explained everything thoroughly and was done quickly. If I ever need these type of services again, I absolutely will use them again.

Work Description: Hornet's nest removal

Comments: Was vey knowledgable and informative about what to expect. Extremely flexible with my schedule to come out and take care of my problem. Would definitely call them again (I hope I never need to!)

Work Description: We needed a termite inspection for a Veteran's refinance loan.

Comments: Our contractor did a great job and was very knowledgeable of all "pest" questions we had for him. I will recommend him to all my clients. (I am a Realtor)

Work Description: I hired Mid-Central to check out and treat a suspect colony of termites at my rental properety.

Comments: They arrived on time, checked out the rotted half wooden barrel planter and found no termites, only some ants. No Cost. While talking with Mid-Central, my tenant pointed out the abundance of spider webs around the perimeter of the house. Mid-central did spray for spiders around the foundation for a very reasonable charge. I am very pleased with their work.

Work Description: Carpenter Bees outside and spiders inside

Comments: Very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Work Description: Termite inspection

Comments: Good Job

Work Description: Bees nest on the balcony

Comments: This is a great company! Ryan was punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. He found the problem right away and treated the area, no bees since! I appreciate the customer service of this company and would definitely use them again.

Work Description: Wasp infestation under some shingles.

Comments: I so appreciated that this company contacted me right away and came out the same day and took care of the problem. They were very nice and helpful. I will definitely call them again if I have another pest problem!

Work Description: sprayed all base boards/ basement/ outdoors for all insects including an infestation of Drug store beetles.

Comments: very courteous and professional. Jon explained the chemicals used, how they work and how soon i would see results. very knowledgeable.

Work Description: I have carpenter ants. Jon came out and sprayed both inside and out, made a thorough inspection and explanation of what was done and what will be needed.

Comments: I love the fact that they don't try to push you into an expensive contract like Orkin and Terminex did. I trust what I was told and will continue to use them - thank you!!!

Work Description: John came out an exterminated for roaches that were caused by a neighbors infestation. I plan to have him return in two weeks for maintenance.

Comments: John was thorough, informative, and upbeat. I did not see another bug since his visit! I would highly recommend this company! Mark emailed me immediately and worked hard to get someone out to my home the same day. Thank you very much. M. Harris

Work Description: Pest inspection.

Comments: Very satisfied.

Work Description: Termite Inspectio

Work Description: roach infestation

Comments: Exterminatin team was punctual, and explained the services they were providing.

Work Description: Sprayed inside of house and will be back in April to do outside and continue for 6 more mos.



Work Description: Eradicate bed bugs.

Comments: Showed me what to look for, explained problem, seems like they were very thorough, made appointments for follow up. Shawn

Work Description: spray inside of house and outside perimeter

Comments: very knowledgeable knew what had to be done for my particular probelem

Work Description: elimination of a yellow jacket nest behind the siding

Comments: after the dosage was applied the bees were not apparent after 2 days

Work Description: bed bugs treatment. five bedrooms needed to be treated for bed bugs.

Comments: the tech John came right in time. he was really a good man. he sprayed the chemical , literally in every inch . all the spiders and ants were dead in no time. so, overall satisfaction becomes goood. job done was excellent. Now, something about bed bugs, which this company does not know. 1. spraying the chemical had absolutely no effect on bed bugs at all. 2. bed bugs were crawling over the places sprayed, on the same night 3. just the spray will not get rid of bed bugs.4. high heat steam treatment , for three sessions, one week apart and complete vaccum of the entire bedrooms are required to diminish the infestation of bed bugs. 5. bed bugs are the most difficult infestation to get rid off. 6. I request this company to study more about bed bug treatment and charge more to the customer, to get the customer , the right solution. 7. I am getting the high heat steam treatment done for three more sessions, paying $1000 dollars, for three sessions, plus the sealing of crevices, using a special spray and including bed bug proof covers for the beds, thru another company. 8. the $225 charged by this company was worth for the whole house spray, which got rid of all the other infestations, except bed bugs. 9. I completely understand that this company had no clue about bed bug infestation and hence they suggested the spray of chemicals, and since I also did not know about bed bugs and treatment, I agreed to it . so the service was worth the money, but the service received was not at all enough for bed bugs to go away, and hence spending another 1000 dollars extra to get rid of bed bugs. 10. for your future clients, plz suggest a high heat steam treatment combined with cryogenic treatment and sealing of crevices using tri-die spray, and suggest bed bug proof covers for the beds, and educate the customer of what bed bug treatment is , and why is it that it is expensive. 11. even after the three sessions of treatment, I am not sure, if all the bed bugs are gonna be gone, since I read on the internet, that it is almost impossible to get rid of bed bugs completely. once it comes into your home, that is for a life time. you will be able to control it 99 percent. but that one percent is gonna stay, since steam cannot penetrate every where, and cryogenic treatment using dry ice snow(liquified carbond dioxide snow) cannot penetrate every where . so , that one percent is gonna stay for ever, as long as human beings live in a home. so, Dear mid central pest control inc, you need to know more about bed bugs and charge five times more and get the right solution to the customers. I am not mad or asking money back. Just suggesting what you should be doing, rather than just spraying and thinking that all the bed bugs are gonna go away. Bed bugs is a completely different kinda infestation, which is the most difficult to get rid off. it is almost impossible to get rid of the bed bugs infestation. May god bless you and family.

Comments: Mid Central was great I will continue to use them for any pest control needs!

Work Description: Spraying for Box Elder bugs

Comments: Out of the three, this is the ONLY company that called me!

Comments: Response to my email same day with service the next day (on a Saturday), technician was prompt. Would highly recommend

Work Description: Exterminate bed bugs in a residential area.

Comments: Only Mid Central contacted me. I guess everyone is too busy this time of year but I need help now before they get worse. I guess not too many have the thermal heat extermination machine.

Work Description: Won't be using until next year, getting estimates.

Comments: I was Very happy to talk to Pete, very nice straight forward gentelman, also liked you don't have to sign contract for service When I do start, I will call him. Very down to earth company.

Work Description: Bee problem...

Comments: Came the next day...sprayed. Said to call and let him know if there were more the following morning. A few...called back. Said that was normal. The next day, found another hive and more bees. Came out that day and sprayed. So far, so good. Overall happy with the service! Glad I could find your website and act on it! P.S. Anderson called right away, but was much more expensive. Never even heard from Smithereen!

Work Description: Spray for wasps

Comments: Other two contractors never contacted me.

Work Description: Exterminate silverfish and spiders. Two other exterminators we used previously have not been able to solve the problem and did not take a very thorough approach in learning about or attempting to solve the situation.

Comments: The other two pest control companies never even contacted us. Mid-Central phoned promptly and was able to set up an appointment within two days. The gentleman on the phone was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The service technician arrived on time and was extremely thorough in the service provided. We are confident Mid-Central will solve our pest problems and have signed up with them for monthly service.