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  • Battle Zone Pest and Termite
  • Main Services: Battle Zone Pest and Termite LLC. is a ValleyWide, FULL Service PEST Control co. Residential Commercial Contractor. Exterminating Bug Insects, BEE REMOVAL, Pigeon Prevention Removal, Gopher Elimination, TICKS FLEAS, Bed Bugs, RODENTS, German Roaches
  • In Business Since: 2000
  • Company Overview: "Battle your BUGS with the BEST!"
    Convenient & Affordable Pest Control Service Plans

    *All of Battle Zone LLC. Service plans come with a "Worry Free" 100% Service Guarantee and NO CONTRACT. :)

    Basic "One-Time" Treatment ~ only $58
    *Works great if you are selling your house or are just looking for a "quick fix" for those pesky critters.

    Whole House "CLEAN-OUT" Treatment ~ just $128
    *Are you moving into a new house? Or has it been several months since your last pest treatment? You are in need of our "CLEAN-OUT" This is a great way to start your service. Many times, bugs can live and breed inside your walls and attic and enter your home from the electrical outlets, air vents and light fixtures. Clean your home from the INSIDE OUT with the Battle Zone "CLEAN-OUT"!!

    Basic "Monthly" - No Bug Guarantee Plan ~ only $58 1st treatment & Just $38 per month!! *Add $10 for Scorpion treatment
    *This is a perfect way to maintain your property. Every treatment will include all your baseboards, all points of entry (window sills and door frames, garage, house exterior, yard perimeter, pool, patio, drive way, walk ways and sheds. We will also remove any unwanted webs in and around your home. We will target ants, crickets, spiders, roaches, earwigs & many other little critters.

    Bed Bug Elimination Treatment ~ as low as $98 per Treatment
    *Tired of sleeping with the enemy?! This treatment includes treatment of beds, couches, furniture & all cracks & crevices of the rooms. We target these little critters in their frequent hiding spots. We will ELIMINATE & ANIHHILATE THEM!
    **Three treatments will be necessary.

    Tick & Flea "Knock-Out" Plan ~ only $68 per Treatment
    *We power spray the yard as well as treat all carpeted areas & sleeping & resting areas of your pets. "We TARGET your PESTS NOT your PETS!" Our chemicals are non-toxic and will allow your pets to rest easy. In addition this will STOP the potential for Lyme's Disease.
    **Three treatments will be necessary.
    ***Pets will need to be treated as well.

    German Roach "Attack Plan" ~ $68 per treatment
    * These little roaches invade your kitchen area & spread throughout the rest of your house. Don't let this invasion happen quickly. Our attack plan requires 3 treatments to guarantee no more invasions.

    Gopher Battle Plan ~ Call for Quote
    *Tired of your lawn being dug up & mounds of dirt becoming insurmountable? Our bait system knocks them out underground & allows you to rest free. Price is determined by your yard size and mounds so please call for your quote TODAY!

    Pigeons~ Call for Quote
    *Our exclusion & pigeon prevention will rid you of nesting, eggs & excrement dropping down to force you to do constant clean-up. Price depends on plan of action needed to take care of your problem. Don't delay call TODAY!

    Bee Removal ~ Just $98! With 60 Day Guarantee!
    *This is for 1st story level. If bees are on 2nd story it's just $150. Our guaranteed bee elimination will take care of Africanized Bees even if a honey hive has been established. (Note: Honey removals are priced separately & can be given at time of service).

    Rats & Mice ~ Call for FREE Quote
    *We can take care of these pesky critters with exclusions, traps & bait systems. Don't let these little guys take over & control your home!

    Snake Removal ~ $75 per snake
    *Don't put yourself in danger by trying to remove by yourself. We will relocate the snake to where it can't get to residences again.

    Animal Removal ~ Call for FREE Quote
    * Depending on the type of animal we can relocate it to its natural environment.

    Call Battle Zone Pest & Termite LLC. 602-595-7761.

    Trust the BEST. No Hidden Charges.
    SMALL Company with Very SMALL Prices!
    Our $58.00 networx SPECIAL will Include 30 Day Service Guarantee...
    INSIDE & OUTSIDE OF ANY HOME UNDER 3,000 SQ.FT. & LOT under 10k sq. ft.
    (call for quote if over 3,000 sq.ft.) (call for quote if over 10k sq. ft.)
    *Price is for each and every service (not just your first or initial service.)

    **Battle Zone Pest & Termite LLC. Guarantees that you will NOT have any Price Increase for a minnimum of two years. Thats our Promise to you!

    Battle Zone Pests Targets your Pests, NOT your Pets.
    ALL of our products are safe around pets and children.

    **The PEST Control treatment will include ALL POINTS OF ENTRY like your WINDOWS and DOOR FRAMES in & out. The Interior service will include all of the BASEBOARDS, the GARAGE and wherever the BUGS might be HIDING. Our Technicians are the EXPERT and they are VERY familiar with the BEHAVIOR of your PESTS and they will TARGET them accordingly. We PROMISE The SAME FRIENDLY Technician will TREAT your home EVERY TIME. Your assigned BUG EXPERT will also remove any COBWEBS from around your home to PREVENT SPIDERS from making YOUR HOUSE their home. The exterior of your lot & yard will be INCLUDED in the price. The exterior treatment will include the perimeter of the HOME, perimeter wall or fence, PATIO, POOL, WALKWAYS & Driveways.

    ** 100% Battle Zone Pests SERVICE Guarantee (New Customers after 2nd service.)

    Service includes ANTS, ROACHES, CRICKETS, EarWigs, SilverFish, SPIDERS & more.

    EVERY Service will include a Free Inspection for Termites, Rodents, Bees and Pigeons.

    * No Contracts Required
    * LICENSED & INSURED #8683
    * Superior Customer Service
    * Refferences Avail. Upon Request
    * Emergency Service Available
    (with Military ID only)
    * Family Owned & Opperated
    * ALL Credit Cards Accepted

    Experience the Difference...
    for Only $58.00 int./ext.
    (Additional $20.00 charge for service to Queen Creek & Florence)
    CALL TODAY! 602-595-7761 or
    Visit our WebSite at:


    **Battle Zone Pests is your Professional for SCORPIONS, Bees, Ticks, FLEAS, BED BUGS, Mosquitos, Birds including Pigeons, mice, rats, rodents and SNAKES, German Roaches and TERMITES.
Reviews By Customers

Work Description: Spraying Service for Ants Outside.

Comments: Great job.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
Thank you for your business and feed back. We appreciate you. ~ Mark N.

Work Description: Termite treatment

Comments: Excellent service!

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
It was our Pleasure. Thank you for the kind words. ~Mark N.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
Thank you for your Feed Back. We love it! ;)

Work Description: Bed Bugs

Comments: I got bed bugs and was devastated by the thought of having them I looked up Exterminators and got the name of Combat and they called me back right away and worked with me on my work schedule and was very informative. They even help me move things around to be able to spray. I would recommend them.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
So happy to hear your feed back. Thank You for the review. We love our customers and love to hear when they are Bug Free!! ;) ~ Mark N.

Work Description: Rodent problem. Bait traps set up.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
Thanks for another great review by another awesome customer. ~ Mark N.

Work Description: They did a great job. They sprayed inside and out. They even found the breading spot for those pesky crickets.

Comments: Customer service was great everyone was very helpful. They have the best price I've seen and there is no contract. That is particularly helpful to me.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
Awesome! So glad those crickets are not keeping you up at night. Thanks for the fantabulous feed back. We love to hear from you. ~ Mark N.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
Thank you to our loyal customers and their Grrrreat feed back. Love it. Love it. ~ Mark N.

Work Description: Regular pest control.

Comments: They're always on time and they work with my schedule. Can't say enough about them.

Battle Zone Pest and Termite Replied:
Thank you Rachel for the kind words and the 5 stars feed back. Happy to help. ~ Mark N.