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  • AR1 Group
  • License: 10825
  • Main Services: Integrated Pest Elimination & Non Toxic Solutions
  • In Business Since: 2007
  • Company Overview: AR1 Group, LLC is a dedicated building maintenance and preventive maintenance company based in the DC metropolitan area. We have purposely sought to establish a model that brings you the highest level of service and quality. AR1 Group, LLC performs routine inspections of each client's premises to ensure that all their specifications are carried out accordingly and consistently maintained. If deficiencies are noted steps are immediately taken to rectify them. AR1 Group, LLC provides sufficient on site supervision to ensure that our staff routinely performs their duties in a professional and responsible fashion. We will ensure all of our clients requirements are carried out in an efficient and timely manner while maintaining a high level of service at all times. We will put your mind at ease with our superior strategies and ethics. If you are in the DC metropolitan area, then look no further! We have over 20 years of experience and customer satisfaction is always a priority!
Reviews By Customers

Work Description: Fruit flies galore..Anthony understood and explained the problem well.

Comments: As my ratings show, I was completely satisfied with the excellent service.

Work Description: In the process of treating for stink bugs, silverfish, ants.

Comments: The rep was very considerate and thorough.

Work Description: Infestation problem. Admirably, Anthony sees the big picture and tries to deal with the matter holistically. Once he thoroughly assesses the situation, he tailors the response, which is effective. Cannot say enough good things about him and his service.

Comments: Anthony sets the bar for his profession. He is personable, caring, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people. His patience and expertise are unmatched. It is comforting to know that people with strong values still exist!

Work Description: Bed Bugs

Comments: Good service. Will use their services again for sure!!!

Work Description: bed bugs

Comments: I was lucky enough to catch the bed bugs early, so my guy didnt find very many but he was great! he walked me though the whole process, and showed me the bugs and the eggs when he found them. He totally made me feel at ease about the whole situation because I was totally ready to puke! I didnt go shopping around for the best deals, but I kept reading great reviews about AR1 so they were my first choice..and they were the first to call me! I highly recommend AR1 for any of you're pest problems! especially bed bugs!

Work Description: Bed Bug

Comments: AR1 assured me of the treatment as well as held my hand through out the whole process. They were the BEST!

Work Description: Spraying of three areas for bed bugs (came in with purchase of a new mattress from Mattress Warehouse in Stering)

Comments: The representative was very knowledgeable and friendly. He more than answered any questions that I had. He did a great job. We have one follow-up appointment left. I would recommend them to others.

Work Description: Anthony of AR1 arrived promptly, the same day, to eliminate brown recluse spiders that appeared in one part of our house, including the main bath we use, and an in-law suite kitchen.

Comments: Over all, Anthony did a great job, and was extremely thorough and considerate. However, there are a few other, baby spiders dancing around, and I noticed the insecticide powder on some of the things in said bathroom. The products used are supposed to be safe for humans, but I was concerned to see the powder on toiletry items. I will contact Ar1 about this, and I am sure they will advise me.

Work Description: Detection, confirmation , and treatment of brown recluse infestation.

Comments: Anthony of ART1 contacted us immediately, and came out within two hours of my initial email. Heard from the others contractor via email, only, but did not see the emails until after Anthony left. The others could not arrive this weekend, and the Loudon outfit could not come out before Tuesday of next week. Anthony of ART1 was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. He even took photos of the affected areas and the spiders for us to show our landlord.

Comments: Anthony is very professional and patient. He and his company are also very pet friendly and use only non-toxic products - a huge plus in my book. After doing an inspection of the house and quoting the price, Anthony was ready to immediately start work. My first experience with this company is extremely positive and I look forward to continuing to do business with them.

Comments: I did not select AR1 Group, Anthony was extremely professional and gave me in-depth information. If AR1 Group were located in Manassas, I would have selected them.

Work Description: Removal of beehive in shed

Comments: The service that I received was outstanding. The job was completed within hours after my initial contact. The price was reasonable and I will definitely refer the company to friends and neighbors.

Work Description: Pest control

Comments: First time the problem was resolved. Great company.