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  • A-Expert Extermination Co Inc.
  • License: C1272429
  • License: C2683051
  • Main Services: Full Service Pest Control Service
  • In Business Since: 1948
  • Awards: National Pest Control Assoc. Long Island Pest Control Assoc.
  • Company Overview: A-Expert Extermination a privately owned & operated company for over 50 years serving the greater tri-state area. In addition to the tri-state area we can provide service through the United States. Our uniformed service technicians are well trained in all aspects of extermination
    specializing in Bird Control, Bed Bugs,Rodents, Insects, Roaches, Termite Treatment and troubleshooting. Each of our technicians are uniformed, bonded, licensed and certified by New York and New Jersey and Pennsylvania E.P.A and New York City Dep. New to our organization Bedbug Canine Detection available 97% acurate in Bedbug detection
    Wildlife removal 24 Hr. Service
Reviews By Customers

Work Description: Termite inspection

Comments: Frank called me within 10 minutes. Great feedback and info over the phone. thanks

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for contacting A-Expert Extermination Co. Inc. Yes Mr. Forte, we are even available on Christmas Eve @ 12::00 A.M in the morning. We provide a true 7 day 365 day, 24hr. service. I hope I answered all your questions. If I can be of furthur assistance please contact my office. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, C.EO

Work Description: Inspection

Comments: On time

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. We value your business. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, C.E.O.

Work Description: My daughter was moving into an apartment in NYC. This gentleman evaluated for roaches and mice. Plugged and sealed potential sites they could use to gain entry. He was efficient and prompt and did a good job.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for the great review. I hope our office staff and service tech. met your expertations. We will continue to strive for perfections Frank Deuidicibus, Jr President, C.E.O

Work Description: gel and powder

Comments: the serviceman came two days ago and I still see cockroaches in the same areas (kitchen -dish washer, cabinets). It all depends on whether they back up their work and solve the roach problem.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
As always we stand behind our service. Our field Supervisor will try to contact you again. Our aim is to solve your roach situation and have a satified customer,,,,,,,,,,,,,we responded to your request for a service for roaches. Upon our inspection we decided that using a roach gel would be more effective due to pet safety issues. As explained Gels take a longer period of time to work. Service was porvided on 09/08/15, your review was on 09/10/15 two days later. Please be patient and let the gels do thier work.. . We have tried to recity this matter with you and have tried contacting you to no avail. We would be happy to assist you, if you would contact oure office

Work Description: Exterminate roaches

Comments: I think everything is ok. I have to wait a few days to really know if what they did worked. However, I was very happy with how they got to me within 45 minutes of my call. That was great.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for the great review.. I appricate your business, my staff is at your service should you need us in the future Thank you again Frank Deuidicibus, Jr.

Work Description: Traps were set to safely discard of baby squirrels.

Comments: Fast, effective, comforting, knowledgeable. In the end, the problem was addressed and no harm was done to any of the animals. My home is safe from the animals returning to their prior nesting area. The service and staff were excellent

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for reviewing A-Expert Extermination. It was a pleasure to be of service. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, C.E.O

Work Description: Rodent problem

Comments: I highly recommend this company. Frank listened and answered all my question. The appointment was quick and the tech was very punctual! He was thorough and explained everything to me. Very Pleased!

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for selecting A-Expert Extermination Cowe will follow up on our service Frank Deuidicibus President, CEO

Work Description: Spray entire house from basement to third floor. Inside cabinets, baseboards & entire rooms.

Comments: Michael was early & willing to answer all my concerns and questions, friendly and honest. Will recommend to friends & family.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for taking the time to review our service technician our intention is to provide our customers with the excellent service they deserve. Second to none Frank Deuidicibus jr President, CEO

Work Description: Bee removal

Comments: Very professional staff.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for taking the time out to review our exterminating service. It was a pleasure to be of service to you. Please contact us if you should have any problems. Frank Deuidicibus,Jr. President, C.E.O

Work Description: treatment for bedbugs.

Comments: I was not happy with the inspection I received. The person that came to my house did not do much. I showed him the bedroom where I found (one dead) bedbug. He has a small box in his hand and proceeded to tell me that he was going to inspect the room. He closed the bedroom door and I have no idea what he did in their. I guess it was my fault for not being in the room with him. I don't know why he had to close the door. He then looked at the other rooms, including the basement, just walking through each room. Did not look at any furniture or other beds. He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to strip all the beds, remove all the clothes from the drawers and wash them. He told me that I could buy matress covers at either Bed Bath & Beyond or Sleepy's. I was so frantic that I decided to call his boss. His boss told me that he did not find any casings or infestation in that one bedroom, that everything looked good. I told him I was going to buy the covers from either Bed Bath or Sleepy's. He made a big stink and told me I should buy the covers from them because they are chemically treated. So his employee said one thing, and the onwer another. Long story short, I think I was ripped off. The inspection cost me $195.00 and I have no idea what the man did. I did buy the covers (mattress and boxspring) from Bed Bath & Beyond for a lot less than what the owner quoted. I give them a 2 star.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
After speaking with our senior field supervisor; a technician that has been employed by our our company for over 20 years we have concluded that the allegations made against A-Expert Extermination are UNFOUNDED, UNWARRANTED AND INACCURATE. The inspection performed by our service technician at the above premises was a Forensic Bed Bug inspection and upon a complete inspection of the entire residence, our findings were as follows: No eggs, no eggs castings, no signs of any adult or nymph bed bugs. It was determined and concluded that based upon our service technicians findings: NO ADDITONAL COST SHOULD BE SPENT ON A BED BUG TREATMENT that was NOT NEEDED. We did recommend the customer purchase a specially treated box spring cover that would protect against any future bed bug infestation for period of (2) years; which we normally sell to our clients. After her agreeing to purchase the covers they were ordered and when it was time to deliver the covers the customer stated that she decided to purchase covers from a department store in order to save money. The covers the customer claims to have purchased are plastic and aren’t in any way the same as what was recommended. After several conversations with my office staff and myself, I explained that the small box that she was referring to was the technician’s high tech forensic equipment. In concluding, the many telephone conversations that my office & myself have had with Mrs. Virginia P. Wildemann, she had expressed nothing but complements and professionalism for our service technician and office. Her accounts of the actual facts are completely inaccurate. We have not been in business for over 45 years spending our time “ripping off” our customers. A-Expert Extermination Co., Inc. prides its reputation on quality service time and time again. Frank Deuidicibus President & CEO A-Expert Extermination Co Inc.

Work Description: Squirrels were intent on getting into my attic and had started to make an opening-

Comments: A-Expert responded very fast to my phone call. They sent two technicians who quickly sealed the hole the squirrels had started to gnaw. It worked! Haven't seen or heard from the squirrels since. The price they charged was comparable to most.

Work Description: Stink bug extermination.

Comments: The only company that contacted me. Very personable and helpful.

Work Description: Bed Bug inspection

Comments: They were very professional. I spoke with Frank early on a Sunday morning, and he was able to send someone out to me by early afternoon. They cleaned up as well. I would recommend this business to anyone.

Work Description: Removal of wasp nest.

Comments: Excellent response and price quote. They were prompt and left yard and deck clean. No sign of wasps. Very happy with the service. Thanks.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermination Co., and the excellent review. It is our policy to provide our customers with excellent service at affordable pricing. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, C.E.O.

Work Description: Rodent problem, placed traps in drop ceiling in basement, 13 days later no rodent killed but saw two running across floor last night. Asked for info on outside bait stations and call back, no response

Comments: $195.00 for six traps is ok I guess, labor is expensive, but lack of follow up as asked is poor business. I will now use a local person and hope for needed results. Very disappointed expected results not good.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Please be advised that after our service tech. did a though inspection of your property, the following determinations were sujjested to eradicate the rodent situation. It was discoved that the rodent infestation was comming from the outside of the subject property.,and outside bait stations needed to be installed. You had said that you would contact our office should you decide to have them installed My office staff made serveral attempt to contact you and left several messages on you answering service. we have had no correspondence from you and a simple phone call would have accaommodate your request. I can be contacted at my office. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, C.E.O

Work Description: Removal of wasp hives on tree branch in front of house

Comments: Responded to my inquiry almost immediately after I placed it.Frank was so nice to talk to. He assured me that the hives will be remove in the morning and that I should continue with plans of taking the kids out to the Bronx Zoo. He did exactly that, when I got back home, nesting removed . Well done Frank

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermiantion Co Inc. It was a pleasure to render your extermination needs..The bee hive was twice the size we expected, however we honored the original price that was quoted. I'm glad my company could accommodate the removal. and your family could enjoy the Bronx Zoo. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, CEO

Work Description: Exterminating garage, cellar and waterfront home.

Comments: Contractor reported promptly. Called prior to the visit to insure that the time/location was correct and insure availability. Service agent was pleasant and professional. Also removed two beehives at no additional expense.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermination Co. Inc We value your business Frank Deuidicibus, jr President, C.E.O

Work Description: Removing two big wasp nests

Comments: They did professional job. Contacted us late night, and very early next morning

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermination It was a pleasure to be service. Frank Deuidicibus Jr President, CEO

Work Description: Capture and remove rodent in home

Comments: Technician was efficient and very courteous. Answered all our questions.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermination Co It has been a pleasure to serve you Frank Deuidicibus Jr President C E O

Work Description: Exterminationservice for mouse in kitchen

Comments: Very prompt service

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for using A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. We value your business. If we can be of further service please don/t hesitate to contact us. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr. President, CEO

Work Description: A-Expert Extermination handles our monthly exterminating services (preventative maintenance).

Comments: We are very satisfied with A-Expert Extermination. They are a very good company.

A-Expert Extermination Co Inc. Replied:
Thank you for the great review. It's been a pleasure to serve you. Frank Deuidicibus, Jr President , CEO