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Photo: Marine Photobank/Flickr

Houston Channel Oil Spill Leaves Big Mess

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 26, 2014

After a major ship collision in the Houston Channel, the Gulf is once again facing a major oil spill that could have a profound effect on local wildlife, and the economy, as officials...

Photo: NeilsPhotography/Flickr

Planning for Rising Sea Levels

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 21, 2014

Coastal cities around the world, including those in states like North Carolina, are facing a tough civic planning problem as they consider how rising sea levels will affect the quality...

Photo: Forsaken Fotos/Flickr

Getting Produce to Cleveland's Food Desert

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 19, 2014

Case Western Reserve University needs farmhands. Many parts of Cleveland need fresh food -- and host people who are in vital need of jobs. One might think that the twain would never...

Photo: Rennett Stowe/Flickr

Disney Waste Generates Power, Fertilizer

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 28, 2014

Disney's massive theme park complex in Orlando, Florida is a sight to behold -- and it includes a ton of restaurants that generate a formidable amount of food waste on a daily basis....

Photo: Riley Kaminer/Flickr

Central Valley Farms Facing Low Water

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 24, 2014

California's Central Valley could be facing a hard, dry spring and summer, thanks to changes to water allocation. Officials have determined that the drought threatening the state requires...

Photo: Market Manager/Flickr

Thank You Berry Much!

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 13, 2014

Berries are packed with antioxidants and delicious flavor, make great jams and jellies, and are hard to beat in a pie or eaten straight out of hand. You could pick them up at the store,...

Photo: Max Rempel/Flickr

Charlotte Chemical Spill Worries Officials

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 10, 2014

After West Virginia dominated the news with a horrific chemical spill into its water supply that left thousands of people without water for days, it's Charlotte's turn. Fortunately,...

Some of Baltimore's iconic row houses in sunnier days. Photo: Paul Joseph/Flickr

Freezing Rain Wreaks Havoc in Baltimore

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 05, 2014

It's been a rough winter on the East Coast, where the polar vortex and related events keep hammering residents with ice, snow, and more. In Baltimore this morning, a freezing rain brought...