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Photo: Paul Sullivan/Flickr

Philly's Garbage Crews Get A Party

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Apr 02, 2014

Have you thanked your garbage crew lately? Trash collectors go out in rain, sun, or snow, dealing with heavy trucks, garbage cans filled with all kinds of unpleasant things, and impatient...

Photo: Nick Dixon

The Chicken That Lays Square Eggs

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Apr 01, 2014

There's a lot of suspicious news in the works this morning, but we're pretty sure this one has to be real: Britain's ITV is reporting from a farm in Suffolk where hens are producing...

Photo: Jules Morgan/Flickr

Get Ready for a Cheese War

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 14, 2014

Tell your Austin electrician to stock up her kitchen now: a brewing cheese war between the US and the EU could change the handling and labeling of dairy products in the US forever. ...

Photo: christopdesoto/Flickr

Amazing Photo Archive in Phoenix

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 04, 2014

Newspapers present an absolutely amazing source of historical information if they've been fortunate to maintain their archives through time, weather, and other pressures. The Arizona...

Photo: Market Manager/Flickr

Thank You Berry Much!

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 13, 2014

Berries are packed with antioxidants and delicious flavor, make great jams and jellies, and are hard to beat in a pie or eaten straight out of hand. You could pick them up at the store,...

Photo: Manuel Calavera/Flickr

Learn the Art of Survival in San Francisco

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Jan 30, 2014

Put your reservations in now for a class in urban survival and escape techniques that will be coming to San Francisco at the end of next month. Run by Rift Recon, the class is customized...

Photo: TalmadgeBoyD/Flickr

Portland Chicken Lovers Rescue Errant Roosters

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Jan 28, 2014

We're fans of backyard chickens, but this might be taking it a little far: in Lake View Village, three bedraggled roosters recently caused consternation by showing up one morning without...

Photo: SweetOnVeg/Flickr

The Five Best Loaves in Miami

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Jan 24, 2014

If you're a bread-lover like me, you may have spent a fair amount of time seeking out the perfect loaf for the perfect application. Like the most delicious whole wheat sandwich bread,...