Cigarette Smoke from Neighbors

Posted by Hometalk | Mar 02, 2010

First it was termites, now it's cigarette smoke. I really don't know what we are going to do. Our downstairs neighbors are smokers. I believe there are 3 adult smokers in the apartment. To make a long story short, they are not going to stop and they own the building, so there's no use fighting them.

We have tried some tips for eliminating the smoke. For the most part, the things we have done have covered up the smoke, but not eliminated it. Their smoke is actually coming through some of our vents. Thank goodness it's not infiltrating my asthmatic daughter's room. I owe thanks to my friend and co-worker, Chaya G., for giving me some great tips to try in my apartment; they have definitely helped. I would love to hear any additional tips from you. Please post them below if you have any.

What to do if Your Neighbors' Smoke is Coming into Your Apartment:

1. Install HEPA filters into your vents.

2. Buy an electric air purifier. You may need to purchase more than one if you have a large apartment.

3. For particularly stinky areas, use numerous fabric softener sheets. Our utility closet next to our kitchen smells badly of smoke. We placed about a dozen fabric softener sheets in there and it worked wonders.

4. Burn some scented candles.

5. Make lots of cinnamon-baked apples or cinnamon-fruit compote. These will really make your house smell great.

Posted by: Marcy Tate

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