Some Creepy Urban Archaeology for You

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Nov 01, 2013

Photo: Cary Bass/FlickrSometimes you find skeletons in the closet. Other times, you find them underground...and not where you expected them to be. Many modern cities are built on the remains of their older counterparts, including their dead, which means that every now and then, something rather spooky shows up during construction.

Urban archaeologists actually specialize in evaluating and cataloging sites slated for construction to identify anything of historic or cultural importance, like, say, dead bodies under a museum. Say what?! That's right: in the 1993 San Francisco renovations of the Legion of Honor, workers discovered that they weren't alone. Hundreds of bodies estimated to be from the Gold Rush era were found, with indicators that previous construction crews treated them quite cavalierly.

The remains, er, remain, keeping watch over the museum's stunning collections and exhibitions, which include an extensive collection of printed works and California art.

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