SeaWorld Goes Green

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Sep 17, 2013

Photo: sandor/morguefile.comOne of the biggest groups of plastic litter's victims worldwide is marine life; nonbiodegradable materials often make their way to the ocean, where they entrap birds, clog the stomachs of fish and marine mammals, and kill scores of creatures. So it makes sense for San Diego's SeaWorld to be particularly concerned about the rise of marine litter, which is why it was a surprise that until very recently, it used plastic and styrofoam at its restaurants and service areas.

That's about to change, as the park has committed to a major green initiative, swapping those materials for biodegradable flatware, plates, and more. The park hopes to reduce the entry of debris into the ocean locally, in addition to raising awareness about the issue.

Of course, San Diego plumbers will still have plenty of business keeping the massive facility working smoothly!

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