Pest Control Tip: Avoiding Bed Bug Scams

Posted by Cris Carl | Jul 23, 2012

Find Chicago exterminators. (Photo: Rob Carris/ out for bed bug scams. CBS News interviewed a woman attending a bed bug summit (I’m not kidding) in Chicago with Chicago pest control experts who asked whether she’d be taking home bed bugs from her hotel room and was assured she would. She fortunately didn’t bring any home that time, but she did on a future trip. It can happen – and it can take over an hour to really check out your hotel room for bed bugs, which according to the news story have increased in the US.

The story reports that the National Pest Management website is a good place to go for advice about hiring an exterminator to help you avoid a scam. People interviewed in the CBS article had paid upwards of $1,500 for exterminators, with no results. The article advises that for starters a visual inspection by the exterminator isn’t good enough; other methods should also be employed such as bed bug sniffing dogs. Bed bug sniffing dogs have a 98 percent accuracy rating.

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