Newspapers and Your Windows

Posted by Shira Beth | Jan 31, 2010

When you're done reading your daily newspaper, it's perfectly acceptable to toss it into the recycling bin so it can be broken down and reused at a later date. But you can reuse it at home, too. Many people have already heard what a fine job newspapers do when cleaning windows and mirrors, but it's worth reiterating. Instead of using a cloth (which often leaves behind bits of lint), after spraying down your glass surface, wipe it with a newspaper. It won't leave behind any particles, so you get a lint-free, streak-free shine. Don't worry - newsprint won't leave the glass inky the way it does your hands, since the glass is not porous and doesn't have the same oils as your skin - but be careful on the window frame. There's one other trick that newspaper is good for that you may not have thought of. The next time you paint your window frames, instead of putting tape on the glass to prevent splattering on the pane, try wetting strips of newspaper and just sticking them onto the glass as you would tape. This will protect the glass the same way as tape does, but it won't leave any of that sticky residue behind when you peel it off.

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