Miami Home Sales Shoot Up

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 25, 2014

Photo: Ines Hegeduz-Garcia/FlickrThe country's housing market is sluggish, but somebody forgot to tell Miami. Home sales in the city are skyrocketing, with housing prices rising by almost 10% in January. The city has always been known for a hot real estate market, but this may go above and beyond the call of duty -- Miami's recovery could be a sign that the market in the surounding area will also experience an upward trend in the coming months.

A fast-moving housing market is good news for the economy and Miami contractors, who rely on a brisk market for potential jobs and more. Frequent home sales and rising prices means more buyers and sellers interested in remodeling, additions, and a variety of construction projects to improve home value and make their residences more habitable.

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