Love, Minnesota-Style

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 26, 2014

Photo: Alfonso Sintjago/FlickrMinnesotans are famous for their cold tolerance, love of extreme weather, and bizarre fondness for being outside when all creatures great and small would prefer to be curled up in front of the fire. So it makes sense that a photographer looking for some good weather photos would run into a couple rambling on Lake Harriet, Minneapolis (seen above in warmer weather) on a frigid day -- after all, freezing temps are nothing to a pair of hearty Midwesterners!

But this snowshoeing couple wasn't just out for a jaunt -- Theodore Kimble took advantage of the walk to propose marriage, and Olivia Joy Belote said "yes" (perhaps she just wanted him to get up before he froze his knee off!). The moment happened to be caught by a newspaper photographer, in a happy coincidence, so now they'll have evidence to remember the moment by, just in case anyone doesn't believe them when they tell the story of how they decided to get married...meanwhile, let's hope they're snug and sound under a Minneapolis roof, because even Minnesotans can't last outdoors forever.

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