HVAC Tip: Save Money by Sealing Your Doors

Posted by Dan Gould | Jan 18, 2012

During these chilly winter months it can be a challenge keeping your house warm and comfortable without breaking the bank. With rising heating costs, it's become increasingly important to discover and seal any air leaks around the home so that your hard earned money does not fly out the window (or door, or attic). One easy way to weatherize your house is to weatherstrip its doors.

Edison, New Jersey based HVAC experts Woodbridge Environmental recommend adding replacement rubber strips at the base of your doors to prevent air leakage through the gap at the bottom. To test if the door is not properly sealed, simply blow a hairdryer along the bottom. If you feel any air coming through, there is a leak to be taken care of.

By sealing up these kind of small air leaks, you help to maintain a steady temperature inside your house and save money as well.

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