HVAC Tip: Infrared Thermometer

Posted by Cris Carl | Jul 25, 2012

Researchers in Fargo, NC recommend using an infrared thermometer to determine if you need new insulation.Heating and cooling in the Fargo region is noted to be 50 percent of home energy costs by the University of North Dakota Extension Service. In an article by the university they suggest the use of an infrared thermometer to determine if more insulation is needed. Insulation and sealing your home is an excellent tactic to reduce heating and cooling costs no matter where you live and an inferred thermometer generally costs around $50.

The infrared thermometer is used to compare the temperature of the inside of an exterior wall versus an interior wall of the same room. If you have a large difference in temperature between the two, more insulation is recommended. You can also use the inferred thermometer to detect air leaks. If you're operating an HVAC system in Milwaukee, Fargo or any other climate with large temperature changes, consider an infrared thermometer.

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