Enjoy Snow-Free Streets While You Can, Boston

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Feb 06, 2014

Photo: Richie Johns/FlickrMassachusetts residents may be facing an even snowier winter than usual, and I'm not talking about the polar vortex. Plow contractors who spend their hours pounding the Boston concrete with every snowfall say the state is falling behind on outstanding invoices, and they're tired of waiting around. They're threatening to terminate their relationships with transportation agencies, taking their valuable equipment elsewhere -- like to customers who will actually pay them for their time.

Like other Northeastern states, MA relies heavily on the use of contractors to help it cover as many regions as possible on snowy days, since it's not possible to maintain enough full-time paid snowplow operators and equipment. Without these useful contracts, some regions of the state could be left unplowed for days, shutting down towns and villages and posing safety risks to residents. Looks like some people may be getting a workout this winter with more manual plowing than they expected...or they'll be enjoying a lot more work from home days.

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