Easy DIY Slipcovers

Posted by Sirena Rubinoff | Oct 20, 2009

If you have old or stained furniture, you can easily give it a makeover by making your own slip cover. Smaller items like chairs, seat covers, and footstools can be covered with tablecloths that you attach with safety pins. These are easily washable and you don't even have to sew anything in order to quickly give a new look to the furniture you already own. For larger items like couches, you'll need more fabric. Check out your local fabric discount store and find a pattern you like or for those of you with an artistic streak, you can use painting canvas. Most hardware stores sell heavy duty, unbleached, cotton painter's canvas for a fraction of the price of other fabrics. Measure your couch and buy a piece large enough to cover it completely so you don't have to do any cutting and sewing. In the end, you'll need to tuck, pin, and tie your canvas cover into place and then you'll have a nice, off-white canvas slipcover.

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