Drywall Tip: Paperless Drywall

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Aug 16, 2012

Scrapers, drywall tape and buckets of plaster mean one thing: Drywall companies are in the house! (Photo: macshack/morguefile.com)Most drywall companies install paper-faced gypsum board (AKA drywall). If you live in a high moisture area, consider paperless drywall. Paperless drywall is made of gypsum board covered in fiberglass facing, rather than paper facing. While paperless drywall is not 100% mold-proof, it is more mold-resistant than regular drywall. Why? It does not offer mold spores that delicious layer of paper and water to eat if it gets wet. Having lived in an apartment where the drywall was literally rotting and ants were nesting in it, I personally would spend the extra buck a sheet for paperless drywall. Would you?

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