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Rake head wine glass organizer by Lee Anne Culpepper.

10 Uses for a Rusty Old Rake Head

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Dec 06, 2012

There was a time long ago that when a shovel or rake handle broke, you went to the hardware store, bought a new handle and installed it into the old rake head. Years later, in a more...

A concrete contractor spreads concrete on a countertop form.

DIY Concrete Counter Tops Are a Lot of Work

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Oct 12, 2012

When brave, experienced “Do It Yourselfers” think of a concrete countertop project, it seems easy and inexpensive, nothing to be intimidated by, just mix some cement, pour,...

Turning a screened in porch into a solarium adds usable square footage to a house. (Photo: espring4224/Flickr)

Indoor and Outdoor Decor That Adds Home Value

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Aug 22, 2012

Did you know that when purchasing and selecting décor for your home there are some purchases that increase the appraisal value and help to make your home more marketable? Here...

Form follows function when arranging furniture. (Photo: jade/

The Six F’s of Arranging Furniture

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Aug 14, 2012

It has been said that good design has visual appeal as well as function and comfort. But how do you accomplish all three when arranging furniture in a new home? Listed below are six...

Try blue instead of gray. It is relaxing and uplifting. (Photo: jade/

Alternatives to Decor Color Trends

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Jul 18, 2012

Color trends change every three to four years. The American market is saturated with the color trend of that moment in time as manufacturers produce it in textiles, paint, clothing,...

Properly hung curtains. Photo and interior design by Lee Anne Culpepper.

8 Really Good Tips for Hanging Curtains

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Jul 10, 2012

Curtains add to the beauty of the room and are as important to the finished design as art and wall color. A well appointed window treatment can totally transform a common boring window...

Do you see how good brown paint and white trim look together? --Lee Anne

Balancing Brown Wall Color

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Feb 21, 2012

Are you afraid to paint your walls brown? Don't be. Light shades of brown can be a warm alternative to white and deep browns can add drama and definition to a space. And men: It's a...

Do you like this wall paper? --Lee Anne

Affordable Elegance: Bathroom Design Ideas

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Jan 30, 2012

It is my belief that a well designed bathroom should be a fun experience. The wall finish, art, and accessories must work together to create a mood. Changing the wall color, making...

Photo: Culpepper Carpets and Interiors

Decorating Other People's Houses for Christmas with Lee Anne Culpepper

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Dec 06, 2011

Recently, my daughter-in-love (she is a keeper!) asked me if I was putting up a tree this year. I told her no, because we are living in an unfinished house. She replied that I did...

Photo: Lee Anne Culpepper via

A Guide to Classic Southern Style

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Nov 18, 2011

What is classic design? It is certainly not white walls, with white furniture, bare floors and a bright yellow urn for a pop of color. It is not dark brown walls with hot pink accents,...