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ERV vs HRV: Which is the Best Ventilation System?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 15, 2017

As the days go from cool to cold and the last leaves fall from the trees, it’s time to admit it. Yes, winter is coming. It’s not even the snow and ice that most of us mind...

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Smoke Detector Beeping? Find Out Why And Fix The Problem

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 06, 2017

Why is your smoke alarm beeping and chirping up a storm? There’s no fire in your house, thank goodness … not even the teeniest wisp of smoke. But still you keep hearing...


Pink Mold Removal And Prevention In The Bathroom

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 05, 2017

Eww … there’s weird pink stuff growing in the bathroom. Gross! If you have pink stains in your shower and pinkish sludge on your shower curtain, then you’re probably...

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Entrance Foyer Addition

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 31, 2017

“I love my home but … my front door opens right into the living room.” No doubt about it, this is definitely an awkward floor plan. You may have tried ignoring...


Scary Home Improvement Mistakes

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 25, 2017

Home improvement. It’s become an American obsession, judging by the popularity of home improvement-themed TV shows like “This Old House,” “Fixer Upper”,...

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Winterize Your Home and Stay Healthy

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 23, 2017

Weather forecasts for the upcoming winter seem to change daily. “Record-breaking temperatures,” chilly temps and snow,” “storm warning,” “el Nino,”...


Buy Your Home Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 18, 2017

Are you looking to purchase your next home? Whether you’re upscaling, downsizing, or relocating for work or family reasons, you’re not alone. The average American moves...

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How To Clean A Chimney: DIY Or Hire A Pro

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 16, 2017

Even as a serious home improvement do-it-yourselfer, there’s one area that you may never have thought of tackling by yourself ... your chimney. But regular chimney cleaning should...

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Fall Lawn Care: Tips And Tools To Simplify This Autumn Chore

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 09, 2017

What does the word “autumn” bring to mind? If it conjures up pictures of yourself slaving away at lawn care tasks, maybe you need a little attitude adjustment. Take a...


Do I Need A Sump Pump? Homeowner FAQs

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 09, 2017

“Do I need a sump pump?” homeowners often ask. “I’m hoping I’ll never need one.” Look at it this way – installing a sump pump is like taking...