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10 Questions and Answers about Terracotta

Posted by Laura Firszt | Oct 14, 2014

Terracotta is gorgeous, earthy, and green. A richly colored ceramic, it is used for many diverse purposes in house and home, including plumbing pipes; bricks and pavers; floor, roofing,...

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Which Tile Goes Where?

Posted by Laura Foster-Bobroff | May 27, 2013

No matter what room you want to tile these days, the process of narrowing down your choices is daunting. Tiles come in different sizes, textures and materials including marble, natural...

A Year Ago on

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jan 30, 2013

2012 20 Ways to Soothe Yourself With Aloe Vera: From after-sun care to soothing insect bites, aloe vera is an indispensable substance to keep around the house. The Top Three Things...

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A Comparison of Tile Backer Boards

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Dec 23, 2012

Earlier this month, I got started with another shower tile renovation for one of my Denver tile contracting clients. In this particular case the shower tile was still intact, which...

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Guidelines for Choosing a Contractor

Posted by s.e. smith | Dec 13, 2012

Professional, experienced contractors can complete home improvement projects more safely, efficiently, and appropriately than you can in some cases—and in others, you might just...

This ceramic tile rug right in front of the door is in lieu of ripping out all of the tile. Photo and tile repair by Kevin Stevens.

A Great Entry Tile Repair Idea

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Aug 21, 2012

One common question I get asked a lot is, “Can you fix this tile?” My answer is usually, “It depends.” In some of those cases the client has some spare tiles...

Clean tile and new fixtures are attractive to buyers. (Photo: Fleur Suijten/

Bathroom Updates That Home Buyers Want

Posted by Linda Merrill | Aug 13, 2012

The bottom line when it comes to what homebuyers want usually comes down to money. Some buyers are looking for a low cost fixer-upper and they know they will be putting time, effort...

Look beyond tile when planning a kitchen backsplash. (Photo: gimbok/

Budget Backsplash Ideas

Posted by Laura Foster-Bobroff | Jun 08, 2012

A sluggish economy and limited budget might put a kybosh on the dream kitchen that’s on the top of the home improvement bucket list, but even an old, dingy kitchen can be spruced...