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A Year Ago on

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jan 28, 2013

2012 9 Uses for Old Jeans: Ideas for making an iPhone sleeve, a coffee cozy, a heat pack, a desk organizer and more from a pair of worn out jeans. We Tested It: Black Tea Glass Cleaner:...

Photo by Kevin Stevens

Pebble Tile Installation Tips

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Aug 31, 2012

Pebble tiles provide a unique look. Like most mosaics, they are comprised of lots of small pieces conveniently adhered to a mesh backing material. This makes the installation possible...

This is a lovely, simple finished bathroom remodel. We like the shade of this blue bathroom. (Photo: lavenderstreak/Flickr)

Five Ways to Make a Bathroom Remodel Go Faster

Posted by Laura Foster-Bobroff | Mar 19, 2012

Bathroom remodels are inconvenient home improvement projects and are often time-consuming to complete. If you’re delaying remodeling because you don’t want to live at the in-laws'...

Grout cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.  Photo: Chaya Goodman Kurtz.

Start Cleaning Tile Grout More Easily

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Sep 07, 2011

You can clean tile grout without scrubbing, but the products you'd need to use contain some pretty harsh chemicals. If a simple and non-toxic method were available, it would be the...

Photo: Renewal Design-Build via

Sealing Your Tiles Right

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jul 28, 2011

The old tile is gone, the shower was stripped to bare studs and new cement-based backer board was installed. On top of that some new tile was set and grouted. So you think you're done,...

Polyblend Grout

Posted by Philip Schmidt | Apr 29, 2010

Polyblend grout is today's standard for cement-based tile grout. The "poly" is short for polymer-modified and indicates that the grout mix includes latex-polymer additives for improved...

Ceramic Tile Grout

Posted by Philip Schmidt | Apr 29, 2010

In case you weren't sure, grout is the gritty stuff that fills the gaps (called grout joints) between tiles. When properly mixed and applied, grout lasts for decades, which is why...

Choosing the Right Grout

Posted by Steve Graham | Jan 28, 2010

Grout holds tiles in place and creates a solid seal between tiles. Installation is fairly straightforward, but it must be done carefully to avoid problematic leaks and unsightly gaps....