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It's Time to Winterize

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 07, 2013

Thanks to the time change, it's starting to feel like the middle of the night all the time -- at least, that's how it is in the northern reaches of the US. That means that it's time...

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Is Your Roof Ready for Fall?

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 03, 2013

The equinox has passed. It's officially fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, and while you might be making plans for Halloween, you should also be looking up to your roof. There are...

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Passive Homes Gaining Ground in the US

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 21, 2013

Is your home passive? By that, I don't mean "does your home lie there like a bump on a log"! The passive home movement, which originated in Europe, is crossing over to US shores in...

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Get the Scoop on Asphalt Shingle Coating

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 20, 2013

You may have seen advertisements for roof sealants designed to be applied directly to asphalt roofs. Such sealants are supposed to stop leaks, extend the life of your roof, and prevent...

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Fall Maintenance: DIY Firewood

Posted by Philip Schmidt | Aug 13, 2013

I live in a middle-class, midcentury suburban neighborhood. In Colorado, as in many parts of Middle America, this usually comes with a smallish house on biggish lot that’s loaded...

Flooding in Des Plains, IL, April 2013. Photo by CAD1976/Flickr.

Tips for Rebuilding a Flooded Home

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 20, 2013

Hello, Midwesterners, and anyone else who is looking at the prospect of rebuilding a flooded home. I will outline the process of rebuilding a flooded home in this article, and I will...

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Spring Home Maintenance Check List

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Feb 25, 2013

Winter weather can damage a house in big ways and in small ways. From animals nesting in vents, to leaves that have accumulated in the gutter, to moisture that can accumulate around...

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Top Green Roofing Tips

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jan 29, 2013

"Green roofing" is a buzzword, a popular idea, but where should you start if you are not a professional roofer experienced in green roofing? You can start by reading these articles,...