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This is insulation that is properly sealed around a wire. (Photo by Carl Seville/Seville Consulting.)

Busting 3 Green Insulation Myths

Posted by | Jan 05, 2012

There is no free insulation lunch. Super-magic foil insulation won’t do what salespeople say it will. Natural, recycled, and green insulation won’t work if it isn’t installed...


Humane Ways to Keep Pigeons Off Your Property

Posted by Steve Graham | Jun 09, 2011

Pigeons may be as integral to city living as traffic and pollution, and perhaps as annoying and potentially dangerous. These birds can cause property damage and carry diseases. However,...


Help! A Raccoon Chewed Through My Soffit!

Posted by Kevin Stevens | May 03, 2011

Unlike a small squirrel or mouse, raccoons can weigh from 12 to 20 pounds. This larger body mass means they have more strength and can wreak more havoc than other pests. On the positive...

7 Reasons Why Your Roof Leaks

Posted by Philip Schmidt | Nov 16, 2010

When professional home inspectors examine a roof, they start not in the attic with a flashlight but on the ground outside the house, with a pair of binoculars. This is not because they...

When Swallows Nest Under Your Eaves

Posted by Kevin Stevens | May 20, 2010

One sure indication that spring has arrived is the chirp and flutter of our winged friends. If a band of swallows takes up residence under your eaves, however, you may debate my use...