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Photo: Duane J/Morguefile

Is A Rain Chain Right for Your Home?

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 19, 2013

Rains have finally come to Northern California, leading to widespread jubilation among residents who were starting to worry about drought, but along with rain comes a perennial winter...

A custom copper gutter. (Photo: Ctd 2005/Flickr)

What to Know Before Hiring Gutter Installers

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Aug 15, 2012

Having gutters on your home is a good thing. Gutters can prevent water damage along the foundation and keep landscaping from being damaged by heavy drip edge flows. If your home has...

Rain Chains

Posted by Ann Greenberger | Oct 06, 2009

Rain Chains Rain chains originated in Japan and are a decorative alternative to downspouts. These elegant chains transport rainwater down a chain of small copper funnels (often designed...