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Photo: Andypiper/flickr

Understand Home Inspection

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 19, 2015

When you're looking to buy a home, your head may be full of visions of handsome hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, and alluring landscape. Yet however tempting it may be to make a purchase...

Extreme Earthships in Extreme Places

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Apr 04, 2014

What is an Earthship, you ask? Good question. It's a highly sustainable building created entirely from recycled and natural materials, typically integrated together in a seamless whole:...

Photo: Brian Moloney/Flickr

Dress Up With Wainscoting

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Apr 02, 2014

Ever walked into a home and felt like it's just a little more classy than your average house? Chances are that sleek interior look was helped along by crown molding, or wainscoting,...

Pop-up Passive House!

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 31, 2014

As the passive house trend spreads globally, with people building homes inspired by the standard as well as those that meet its exacting qualifications, architecture firms are getting...

Photo: Town and Country Living/Hometalk

Pretty in White

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 28, 2014

One of the great things about Hometalk is that I get to live thousands of redesigns, home decor experiments, and more vicariously. I can see what DIY remodelers are up to and follow...

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Green Building Pitfalls

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 27, 2014

Thanks to growing social awareness of how much trouble the planet is in, more and more people are building green and demanding enviromentally-friendly options in their housing. An entire...

Photo: No. 29 Design/Hometalk

5 Hot Basement Remodels

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 14, 2014

Basements. They can be dank, sour, horrible holes in the ground, grim utility areas, or...spacious, light-filled, beautiful spaces for lounging, watching movies, hosting guests, playing...

A stunning relocated Queen Anne mansion. Photo: Doug Berman/Flickr

Can You Handle a Free Historic Home?

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Mar 12, 2014

It's a deal that sounds too good to be true: a beautiful historic home offered for free or for a very low price to anyone who's willing to move it, usually by a developer or organization...