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Green Building Pitfalls

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 27, 2014

Thanks to growing social awareness of how much trouble the planet is in, more and more people are building green and demanding enviromentally-friendly options in their housing. An entire...

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Congress Restores Subsidy for High-Risk Flood Insurance

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 18, 2014

Catastrophic damage to your home is probably one of your worst nightmares as a homeowner, whether you live in a blizzard-prone area, a region wracked by earthquakes, or a floodplain....

These radon pipes provide a safe ventilation route for the gas. Photo: Chris Peters/Flickr

Are You Up On Your Radon Safety?

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 17, 2014

Radon is a common threat to home safety that many people are not aware of, even though Radon Safety Month just passed. We might have dropped the ball in January (sorry about that),...

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Cold Pantries for Green Kitchens

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 23, 2013

Before the advent of the refrigerator, we still ate all sorts of foods that needed to be kept cool, including dairy products, meats, and fresh produce. The solution used by some homes...

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Beautiful Home Tours on Hometalk

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 20, 2013

Every now and then, I pop over to Hometalk to check on something and I get sucked in, pulling myself out hours later and wondering what exactly happened. One particular danger zone...

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2014

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 19, 2013

Did you know that summer and fall tend to be peak periods for home renovation? In part, it's because of the fair weather, and it's also because that's when people are making changes...

A Passive House in Wales. Photo: Peter White/Flickr

Do Energy-Saving Homes Really Use "More Energy"?

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 17, 2013

Researchers Robert Crawford and André Stephan have just released a case study examining Passive House architecture and design, and in their conclusion, they suggest that: "if...

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Attic Remodels Increase Value, Square Footage

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 15, 2013

If your house feels a little cramped for your needs, there are a wide variety of solutions to the problem. You could move around some walls inside to use the space more efficiently,...