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Home Improvement for Baby Boomers

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 10, 2015

It was the Baby Boomers the Who were referring to when they rocked "My Generation" on the stage at Woodstock. (And if you have to ask, "Who the heck are the Who?" or, worse yet, "What...

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Best Uses for Bonus Rooms

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 20, 2015

"Bonus room" is a new term in the real estate business, coined in the early 90s. Although debate is still going on as to what it actually means, usually the phrase describes an extra...

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Remodeling Your Attic: Find Out Before You Start

Posted by Laura Firszt | Dec 09, 2014

So you're thinking of remodeling your attic? Great! You'll add valuable living or working space to your home without increasing its footprint or impinging on your yard. But before you...

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10 Bright Ideas for Repurposing Just About Anything

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 29, 2014

Beyond recycling, repurposing (also known as “upcycling”) simply means finding a new use for an old item. You might change a leaky bucket...

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18 Uses for Rubber Bands

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Jan 17, 2014

Got a rubber band ball made up of the seemingly endless rubber bands that seem to trickle into your house when you're not looking? Take it apart. That ball is a total waste of an incredibly...

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Amazing Closet Remodels from Hometalk

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Dec 06, 2013

Sometimes, a closet is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. While some of us may struggle to find needed storage space in our homes, longing for just one more closet, others are...

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Organize Your Office For Under $500

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Nov 21, 2013

Whether you work from home full-time or need a functional space in your home to perform some work-related tasks, a home office can be a very important room in the household. Unfortunately,...

This Home Office Is the Best Thing I Have Ever Seen

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Jul 25, 2013

Historic Shed, a professional builder in the Tampa area, built this amazing shed as a home office. Let's talk about all of the ways...