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Best Features of Today's Compact Kitchens

Posted by Laura Firszt | Sep 09, 2015

How big is small? The typical American kitchen is pretty roomy these days, edging up toward 200 square feet. And 10 feet by 10 feet is considered to be on the modest side. But a new...

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Remodel Your Garage for More Living or Working Space

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 17, 2015

You don't have to sign up for a pyramid scheme to get more … more living space, more room to work, or even more cash. As a homeowner, you may have an important, underused asset...

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Build a Garage to Add Value to Your Home

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 22, 2015

Are you thinking of adding a garage to your home? There are a great number of advantages to this idea. You'll be protecting your vehicle -- not only from weather damage due to snow,...

This person turned his garage into a photography studio. (Photo: Illusive Photography/Flickr)

Ten Fabulous Uses for a Garage

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 19, 2012

Garages: they’re not just for cars anymore. Last year I wrote an article about making over your garage if you wanted to have a garage band. I started thinking afterwards that...


Remodeling the Garage for a Garage Band

Posted by Cris Carl | Mar 20, 2011

Jim Weeks, an employee of Downtown Sounds in Northampton, MA, says there are three important considerations when remodeling your garage for a garage band. “You have to look at...

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How to Organize a One-Car Garage

Posted by Steve Graham | Dec 22, 2010

Tools, bikes, mowers, DIY project materials, gardening equipment and other gear have too often squeezed the car out of my one-car garage. But just in time for winter’s frosty morning...

Gap Between Garage Door and Floor

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jul 07, 2010

Having a garage is a pretty handy thing, besides keeping your car free of rain and snow. It’s a handy place to store many things, from garden shovels to bicycles. It’s a bit of...

Make Your Home Bicycle Friendly

Posted by Steve Graham | Sep 01, 2009

The bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation ever devised, and it delivers a whole-body workout. Cycling consumes far fewer calories per mile traveled than cars, buses,...