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Photo: Sonya Green/Flickr

Taking Pride in the Nursery

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 11, 2014

Baby on the way? Congratulations, whether it's your first or any number beyond that! Bringing new life into the world can be a really amazing experience, but there's also a lot to think...

Photo: John Rawlinson/

8 Treehouses to Envy

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 10, 2013

Treehouses are pretty much the aspiration of every kid, and no wonder; there's something about them that makes them feel like a magic, private clubhouse. Many kids who grew up around...

This picture of a climbing wall in a lodge is what dreams are made of. Photo by gshowman/flickr.

Guidelines for Building a Bouldering Wall at Home

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jun 12, 2013

Building a bouldering wall at home requires planning, possible engineering help, power tools, and a good friend or two to help (or a good carpenter). Planning: You'll need to find a...

Tree house fort Photo: Danny Sullivan/flickr

Building the Ultimate DIY Fort

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Mar 07, 2013

There is no point in life in which forts cease to be fun. Take almost any activity that you do in your living room: Place it in a fort, and that activity becomes 200% more fun. For...

This person turned his garage into a photography studio. (Photo: Illusive Photography/Flickr)

Ten Fabulous Uses for a Garage

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 19, 2012

Garages: they’re not just for cars anymore. Last year I wrote an article about making over your garage if you wanted to have a garage band. I started thinking afterwards that...

Here are the basics for starting a home-based day care center. (Photo: Jeremy Doorten/

Prepping Your House for an In-Home Day Care Center

Posted by Cris Carl | Aug 01, 2012

While there are many practical and legal considerations to having a day care in your home, nearly all are “not unreasonable. It’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but as...

A storage bench and a mirror are integral parts of a mudroom. Keep it simple like this or add additional storage furniture.

Creating a Mudroom Without Remodeling

Posted by Linda Merrill | Jan 03, 2012

A mudroom is a wonderful thing, particularly for families with children. As a staging place for coming and going, a dedicated mudroom helps keep snow and mud off of good carpets while...

Photo and bedding:

The art of layering bedroom textiles

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Aug 18, 2011

Mixing and matching fabrics in a space takes a good eye for color and scale. Many designers start their planning with a selection of inspiration fabrics to see which pop out and which...