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Showers of Delight

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 07, 2014

Until recently, “enjoy” was not a word most people associated with showers. Enjoyment meant long soaks in the bathtub. Showering was a utilitarian experience, used to...

Linoleum is popular as an artist's material.   Photo: Kim Love/Flickr

Not All Linoleum is Created Equal

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 02, 2014

I may have mentioned recently that I'm in the process of getting ready to replace my bathroom floor, which is currently a mix of aging vinyl flooring and carpeting. The vinyl floor...

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Freestanding Tub Inspiration Lookbook

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 27, 2013

I said standalone tubs would be big for 2014, but I didn't want to leave you hanging when it comes to different ways to play around with standalone tub installations, including modern,...

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2014 Bathroom Trends

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 24, 2013

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so no small wonder what we want them looking their best -- I for one will be replacing my bathroom floor in 2014 (hopefully with some great...

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Renovate a Bathroom in 24 Hours

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 20, 2013

If you live in an older home, you may well be grinding your teeth over your bathroom. Considering how much time we spend in our bathrooms, there's good reason to want yours to be a...

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Small Bath? Don't Panic!

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 02, 2013

Small bathrooms are a common problem, especially in older homes, where apparently people were either microscopic, or didn't mind cramming in next to the tub to wash their hands at the...

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Budget Makeovers? Yes Please!

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 20, 2013

Remodeling always sounds like a major endeavor. You have to hire a contractor, deal with work crews in and out of the house for weeks, rearrange your life, and, oh yeah, write some...

The only tile is on the floor. Walls are painted white. (photo: wollwerth/

Cheap Remodeled Bathroom Tips

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jun 03, 2013

Do you hate your bathroom? It is one of those rooms that is easy to loathe. Unlike other rooms where you can change and move the furniture, the nature of bathroom furnishings is that...