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Working at the computer with a cup of coffee is pretty much my life. (Photo: blackred/

Coffemakers Worth Buying?

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 02, 2013

There are too many choices of coffeemakers. This is evident at the coffee shop that I splurge at once a month. They sell espresso, Chemex, Melita filter, and regular drip coffee there,...

Does the full sized fridge in this kitchen detract from the overall attractive look? (Photo: theswedish/

Pros and Cons of Counter Depth Refrigerators

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Apr 15, 2013

It used to be that a refrigerator stood alone. It jutted out from the wall, and it hummed loudly as it kept the food cool. It neither made ice nor dispensed water. Those days are over. ...

Do you need a range like this to sell your house? Maybe not. (Photo: Sisoje/

Evaluating the Resale Value of a New Stove

Posted by s.e. smith | Dec 16, 2012

Whether you’re replacing a stove that has given up the ghost or updating an existing model, there are a lot of considerations that should factor into your purchase decision. As...

A cook enjoys a professional gas stove. (Photo: Seemann/

How to Choose a New Stove and Oven

Posted by Cris Carl | Oct 10, 2012

“Considerations when picking out a new stove often have to do with whether you are buying one for the first time or not,” said Josh Gralenski, assistant sales manager for...

Photo of waffles: TheCulinaryGeek/Flickr Creative Commons

6 Amazing Waffle Makers

Posted by Linda Merrill | Sep 14, 2012

The waffle has been around in some form since the 10th century and it’s origins are in the communion wafer irons that came into use at that time. It was another five hundred...

Turning a screened in porch into a solarium adds usable square footage to a house. (Photo: espring4224/Flickr)

Indoor and Outdoor Decor That Adds Home Value

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Aug 22, 2012

Did you know that when purchasing and selecting décor for your home there are some purchases that increase the appraisal value and help to make your home more marketable? Here...

Attorney Carl D. Goodman specializes in landlord-tenant law. He advised on this article.

Ten Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease

Posted by Leah Batkin | Aug 20, 2012

Everyone has heard horror stories of apartment rentals gone bad. Whether it’s from a barking pit bull next door or a termite invasion that won’t go away, finding the right...

The ENERGY STAR certified Active Smart Refrigerator by Fisher & Paykel (photo used with permission from Fisher & Paykel Imagebank)

Getting the Most from Your ENERGY STAR Appliances

Posted by Carl Seville | Mar 22, 2012

ENERGY STAR is one of the most recognized brands in America, but you may be wondering what exactly is it and how can it help you. ENERGY STAR was developed in 1992 by the US Environmental...