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Make Bookcases Pop With Contrasting Backings!

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 14, 2013

I'm really excited about the emerging trend I'm spotting with bookcases, cabinets, shelving, and similar furniture designed for storage and display: painting, wallpapering, or otherwise...

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Ways to Refresh the Living Room

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 06, 2013

The holidays are almost upon us, and you might be concerned about the state of your house. Over at Hometalk, users have declared that they're most worried about their living rooms,...

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Old-Fashioned Touches for Your Home

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 27, 2013

Whether you live in a historic home that's been mutilated by "remodels," a modern home with a historic aesthetic that lacks many of the accents you might expect, or a new home that...

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Tips for Making a Small House Work for You

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 24, 2013

Living in a small space can sometimes feel suffocating, especially if you like entertaining. It's one reason many people gravitate towards larger homes, even with the tiny house movement...

Using Color to Set the Mood in Your Home

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 23, 2013

The use of color in a room can change it dramatically. Many people know that cool colors (like blues, purples, and greens) will make a room darker, more somber, and more calming, while...

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Freshen Up Your Foyer!

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 17, 2013

If you're anything like me, periodically you just get totally frustrated with your house and you wander around restlessly for several days rearranging furniture, marking up pages in...

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5 Fun Painted Furniture Projects

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 12, 2013

I love the look of creative painted furniture projects. Truly crafty people can come up with outstanding stuff, and their projects can be such an inspiration. Even better, they're usually...

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6 Home Improvement Tasks You Might Leave to Pros

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 10, 2013

Some home improvement tasks are best left to the pros, unless you're very confident, very skilled, and very ready to get them done right. If you fail, you'll find yourself with problems...