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17 Tips for Painting Exterior Trim

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 11, 2015

Start by Choosing Your Paint Colors Do you love vivid colors? They can be overwhelming in large quantities, but used only on the trim, they will give your home character and charm....

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10 Tips for Safer Paint Stripping

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 21, 2015

For a successful repainting project, it's important to start with the removal of old paint that has peeled, chipped, or bubbled. However, in the past, products designed to strip paint...

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Paint or Stain to Preserve the Beauty of Your Porch?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 13, 2015

There's a great debate going on when it comes to the finishing process for common outdoor wooden structures. Should you use paint or stain to keep your deck, fence, or porch looking...

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How Often Should You Paint the Outside of Your House?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 31, 2015

Nothing gives the outside of your home a fast and impressive facelift like a fresh coat of paint -- although it's been said many times before, this axiom is worth repeating. Whether...

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Make Your Own Chalk-Finish Paint

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 01, 2015

Although it’s become a 21st century phenomenon among home decorators, bloggers, and Pinterest followers, chalk-finish paint (the popular term chalk paint is actually a registered...