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Make the Most of Small Yards

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 17, 2014

Got a yard the size of a postage stamp? I used to live in a house where the deck space was bigger than the garden, which was barely big enough for a cat to turn around in (granted,...

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Fun With Terrariums!

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 07, 2014

Looking for a cool and unusual gift this spring? Have you considered a terrarium? I always thought of these as kind of fuddy-duddy things, until I started checking out some of the...

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Getting Victorious in the Garden

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 18, 2013

How much do you know about the history of the victory garden? The tradition started in the First World War, when the governments of US and Britain encouraged individual residents to...

Yet another use for planks: bridges! Photo: Andrew Bowden/Flickr

8 Uses for Short Planks

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 12, 2013

I recently replaced the slats in a bedframe, because I needed a different slatting system to support a new mattress. My existing slats, with the exception of one, were in fine shape,...

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Fall Maintenance: End-of-Summer Gardening Tips

Posted by Philip Schmidt | Aug 20, 2013

It's easy to get the gardening bug in springtime, when humans themselves feel like new sprouts finally getting out into the sun (or, for some of us, like vampires emerging from dusky...

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Why Are My Houseplants Turning Brown?

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Jun 06, 2013

I adore houseplants, and my general decorating aesthetic is somewhere between “rainforest” and “greenhouse”. In other words, my attitude towards living green...

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10 NEW Uses for Mason Jars

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 26, 2013

Is there anything that Mason jars can't do? I've been seeing Mason jars used as lampshades and lumieres all over the blog-o-sphere. Mason jars make excellent sconce shades: They are...

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Mother's Day Gifts for the Gardening Mom

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 01, 2013

Mom's who garden might be the most fun to buy gifts for. This Mother's Day, give your gardening mom something that she'll love. There are so many unexpected options when it comes to...