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Go Bold With Exterior Color

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 31, 2014

You know that iconic image of San Francisco with the row of Victorian houses, the Bay stretching out beyond them? That's Alamo Square, home of the titles for Full House and a whole...

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Make Your Own Stone Bench

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 28, 2014

There's something wonderful about stone benches in the garden. They're timeless, classic, and elegant, and they can turn any space into a magical fairyland or pleasant place to...

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Converting to Xeriscaping

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 29, 2014

With a drought just declared in California, I have my garden on the brain, and I'm not the only one. Many people in my community have allowed their gardens to die over the last few...

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6 Inspiring Garden Paths

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 03, 2014

A good pathway can totally change a garden. If you've got a muddy, messy path surrounded by beautiful plants, your plants won't seem quite as flashy, thanks to that ho-hum trail slashing...

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Light Up Your Yard for Fall

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 08, 2013

One of my strongest memories of the East Coast during my time at college there is of everything turning gold, orange, and deep red in the fall as the trees and shrubs prepared to drop...

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Solve Problems with the Right Plants

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 01, 2013

Many gardeners have a strong wish that their gardening conditions were perfect: nice, rich, balanced soil on an even landscape, ample water supplies, just the right amount of sun, everything...

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Garden Junk is Freaking Great

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Aug 09, 2013

As we can all agree, the more untamed a garden is, the better it is. Untamed gardens get a crummy rap from cable TV gardening shows and from HOA's, but I'll take a huge, rambling garden...

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The Best Annual Flowers for Fall

Posted by s.e. smith | Aug 06, 2013

Fall is one of my favorite times in the garden; while the heat of summer may have dried out the lawn and many of the flowering plants that burst into bloom in the late spring, fall...