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Wind Turbines and Birds: Incompatible?

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Nov 04, 2013

One reason alternative energy as a home power source (and beyond) is so popular is that it's supposed to be better for the environment. It's nonpolluting, doesn't involve harmful extraction...

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Keeping the Home Lights Burning With Renewable Energy

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Oct 21, 2013

Skeptics of alternative energy raise some valid concerns when they look across an array of wind turbines or a glittering spread of solar panels: what happens when the wind stops blowing...

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What a Bunch of Wind: Turbines and Property Vaues

Posted by Katie Marks | G+ | Aug 29, 2013

You're probably heard the claim: wind turbines hurt property values! Whether people are protesting the construction of turbines or they're worried about buying in an area where turbines...

Wind Farm Communities

Posted by Sirena Rubinoff | Oct 27, 2009

Looking for a wind farm community? In today's ever more eco-aware environment, many communities are choosing to live a lifestyle powered solely by wind power. Wind farms generate...

How Much Power Will a Residential Wind Turbine Produce?

Posted by Steve Graham | Sep 14, 2009

A strong wind gust and attractive rebates may not add up to a good deal on residential wind power. Several factors affect the amount of power generated by a home wind turbine. Homeowners...

The Quietest Wind Turbines on the Market

Posted by Harriette Halepis | Sep 07, 2009

The Quietest Wind Turbines on the Market These 6 residential wind turbines won't disturb your home. They are innovatively designed to reduce sound pollution. Some are even more affordable...

Where Can I Mount a Wind Turbine

Posted by Steve Graham | Sep 01, 2009

So you studied the maps and collected local wind data. You know wind power is cost-effective in your area. Now it's time to site the turbine. Here is how to maximize efficiency and...