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Remodeling Your Attic: Find Out Before You Start

Posted by Laura Firszt | Dec 09, 2014

So you're thinking of remodeling your attic? Great! You'll add valuable living or working space to your home without increasing its footprint or impinging on your yard. But before you...

Kitchen cabinets with apron sink: ChalonHandmade/flickr

Fabulous, Functional Cabinet and Drawer Design

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 27, 2014

Today's kitchens are more fabulous-looking and functional than ever. And well they should be, since they're the room where families spend a large number of their waking at-home hours....

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Building a Cob House in a Day

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 25, 2014

Cob construction, using a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and water to create a very strong, functional, eco-friendly material, is popular in many regions of the world. Looking through...

The school library, by BC Architects. Photo: Inhabitat

Amazing Rammed Earth Construction

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 15, 2014

I'm absolutely besotted with this amazing school design in Muyinga, Burundi, covered by Inhabitat. Faced with the need to provide educational accommodations for d/Deaf and hard of hearing...

Photo: Inhabitat

A Carbon Neutral Home, Even In Bad Conditions

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 31, 2013

In many writeups of eco-friendly homes, particularly those built with carbon-neutral plans in mind, you'll read about how the setting was carefully chosen. Setting tends to matter when...

Photo: Zip Kit Homes

Prefab, Green, AND Attractive?

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 15, 2013

If you've spent any time on the freeways and highways of this country, you've probably seen a prefabricated home lumbering down the road with an "Oversized Load" sign. They're instantly...

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Time to Build With Flood Resilience in Mind

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 14, 2013

Over the weekend, the city of Venice tested its seven billion dollar flood protection system, known as the Moses project, for the first time. For centuries, Venice has been a center...

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Making Sense of Green Home Certification Standards

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Aug 30, 2013

“Green building” is a subset of modern home design that seeks to maximize efficiency, conserve resources, and increase performance and safety, with the overarching goal...