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Solar Shingles or Solar Panels?

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 15, 2014

Harnessing the sun’s rays produces a renewable, clean power source which can be converted to electricity by means of solar panels or roof shingles. Here’s a fact sheet on...

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These Solar Panels Love Cloudy Days

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 24, 2014

Everyone knows solar panels don't work on cloudy days, right? If there's no sun, how is a solar panel supposed to generate energy? That's why they're a great choice for warm, sunny...

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Community-Owned Solar Gardens Make Waves

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 06, 2014

For years now, communities have been taking advantage of public lots to built community gardens, allotments, and other community spaces where those without room to garden at home can...

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A Carbon Neutral Home, Even In Bad Conditions

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 31, 2013

In many writeups of eco-friendly homes, particularly those built with carbon-neutral plans in mind, you'll read about how the setting was carefully chosen. Setting tends to matter when...

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Music to Our Ears: Pop Increases Solar Panel Efficiency

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 11, 2013

Ever been struggling on deadline and felt your energy levels, and your efficiency, lagging? Drink all the tea and coffee you like, and you still find yourself moving sluggishly, trying...

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Windows That Generate Electricity?

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 22, 2013

I can't be the only one who has not-so-secretly wondered, and dreamed, about the day when solar panels finally reach the pinnacle of design: a point when they are so efficient and...

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Germany Breaks World Solar Power Generation Record

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 26, 2013

In the international solar race, it looks like Germany might be winning. The European nation generated a stunning 5.1 tWh in July, breaking all previously-set records. Oh, and that...

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Do Solar Panels Use More Energy Than They Generate?

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 22, 2013

You've probably heard the claim that solar panels take more energy to make than they generate. That's a pretty crushing thing to hear if you've just hired an electrician to install...