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Extreme Earthships in Extreme Places

Posted by Katie Marks | Apr 04, 2014

What is an Earthship, you ask? Good question. It's a highly sustainable building created entirely from recycled and natural materials, typically integrated together in a seamless whole:...

A chicken wire art installation. Photo: Arne Hendriks/Flickr

10 Innovative Uses for Chicken Wire

Posted by Katie Marks | Apr 01, 2014

With a name like "chicken wire," you'd think this popular metal fencing product is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it's actually anything but. Sure, you can use chicken wire for building...

Photo: whitneybee/Flickr

Uses for Wood Chips

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 13, 2014

As I write this morning, the warm early March sun is beaming down and I can hear the sound of a neighbor's chainsaw busily at work a few acres away. While this weather might be deceptive,...

Photo: Recycling at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Alan Light/Flickr

13 Unusual Recyclables

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 06, 2014

Can I recycle this? It's a question that comes up often around the house, because the list of what we can't and can't recycle is formidable (We keep a copy on the fridge to help...

Photo: Toshimasa Ishibashi/Flickr

10 Curious Uses for Altoid Tins

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 06, 2014

The Altoid tin is one of the most iconic packages in the world -- or at least, some corners of it. For those who enjoy fresh breath, these "curiously strong" mints are a must-have,...

Photo: Thorsten Hartmann/Flickr

6 Sweet Uses for Lint

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 27, 2014

Every time you dry your clothes, you fish a little ball of fuzz out of the lint trap (at least, we hope it's every time: a clean lint trap is safer and helps your dryer work more...

Photo: Jennifer C./Flickr

10 Uses for Bottle Caps

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 25, 2014

The pop of a cap rocketing off a beer or old-fashioned soda, followed by the hiss of carbonation, is a familiar sound, but what happens next? If you're a tidier, like me, you probably...

Photo: Simon Fraser University/Flickr

Turning Pine-Beetle Ravaged Trees Into Furniture

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 24, 2014

Mountain pine beetles (known to less casual acquaintances as Dendroctonus ponderosae) are infamous across many stretches of North America with pine forests. These insect pests come...