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Photo: Brent Boucheron/Flickr

It's a Roomba, For Your Lawn

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 04, 2014

Do you hate mowing the lawn? You're not alone -- it's one of the most dreaded, feared, and loathed tasks in my neighborhood, and I suspect we're not the only ones. Mowing the lawn...

kusine/Flickr Creative Commons

Going bananas for backyard chickens!

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jul 09, 2013

There are so many reasons to keep backyard chickens, which is why so many people are jumping on the backyard chicken train! From the country to the suburbs to tiny city yards, folks...

Photo of a clever DIY birdfeeder by fishhawk/Flickr.

Fun DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Mar 12, 2013

With spring on the way, it's time to start crafting fun bird feeders to attract helpful birds to your yard. Some birds help to pollinate flowering and fruit-bearing plants, and some...

This doghouse at the Main Botanical Gardens has a green roof. Photo: InAweofG-d'sCreations/Flickr.

Humane and Healthy Doghouse Ideas

Posted by Cris Carl | Dec 17, 2012

There are hundreds of dog houses to choose from on the market. If you have decided you want your dog to live full-time or part-time outdoors, you will need to consider appropriate size...

We agree: Save the honey bees! (kimberlykv/flickr creative commons)

Tips for Producing Honey at Home

Posted by s.e. smith | Oct 03, 2012

Here at Networx, we’re big fans of bees and other pollinators because they’re great for the environmentnand great for the garden. In the case of bees, there’s a...

Creeping thyme in my garden. --Erica

Awesome Edible Groundcovers

Posted by Erica Glasener | Aug 09, 2012

Groundcover plants serve a multitude of roles in the garden. They can control erosion, act as a living mulch, provide an alternative to lawns and in some cases they are the perfect...

Nubian goats on Marty Johnson's farm. Photo by s.e. smith.

Beginning to Keep Goats at Home

Posted by s.e. smith | Jun 29, 2012

If you have room for goats, farmer Marty Johnson in Fort Bragg, California highly recommends them as a source of both milk and meat. This may not be an option for urban gardeners unless...

Coturnix quail are an alternative to backyard chickens. (Photo: ajmattthehiddenhouse/flickr)

Beyond Chickens: Poultry to Keep at Home

Posted by s.e. smith | Jun 14, 2012

When most people hear poultry at home, they think of chickens, thanks to the current trend of urban cluckers. It turns out that there are a lot more options than that, and I talked...