Recent Non-toxic Cleaning Articles

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BPA-Free Plastics May Not Be Safe

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 10, 2014

In 2008, the news burst on the media everywhere: common plastics contained potentially dangerous levels of bisphenol a (BPA) an additive that could be hazardous to consumer health....

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Deicing the Safe Way

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 26, 2014

With a cold, snowy winter lingering in many parts of the United States, many of you may be struggling with a perennial winter problem: an icy front walk. That freeze and thaw cycle...

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10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 21, 2014

Tea tree oil is one of Australia's most amazing exports (after Hugh Jackman, of course). This aromatic oil doesn't just smell great: it also naturally kills a number of microorganisms...

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Resolution Central: Greening the Bathroom

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 08, 2014

Did you make a resolution this year to keep up with housework? We commend you, but we also know it can be hard work, especially when you're already knee-deep in work, social life, and...

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12 Uses for Old Socks

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 27, 2013

Whether you've lost a mate to the dryer elves, finally torn a hole through the toe of your beloved pair of old standbys, or given in to the inevitable death of the elastic, you've come...

Lead-free solder offers a safe alternative to traditional soldering products.  Photo: Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr

Unleading Your Home

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 24, 2013

We all know lead is toxic, which is why it's not allowed in paint and children's toys because of the associated health risks. But were you aware that many other products are allowed...

Do Good Home's Green Cleaners Stand Up?

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Nov 26, 2013

Like so many people these days, I'm pretty big on green cleaning. And although I fancy myself an accomplished DIY expert, I'm also incredibly prudent. Which means that I try my very...

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Getting to Know Enzymatic Cleaners

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 19, 2013

If you've been hunting for ecologically-friendly cleaning options, chances are high that you've encountered enzymatic cleaners, which lift dirt, grime, and odors without introducing...